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  • Saul (Part 1)

    Saul (Part 1)

    The story of Saul—of his elevation to the kingship followed by his long, slow demise—occupies some 25 chapters of 1 and 2 Samuel. Few people in the Bible have their life recounted in more detail. […]

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  • The Best Computer Ever Made

    The Best Computer Ever Made

    It seems as though everyone has a smartphone now. You see them everywhere and they are simple to use, but they are incredibly complex actually and are full of advanced technology—a real miracle of modern […]

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  • The Children of God – Romans 8

    The Children of God – Romans 8

    Brothers and sisters, when we come around the emblems on our Lord’s table we are chal­lenged by the effort to which our Father in heaven has gone to complete this plan and provide for our […]

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  • Pulling and Letting Go

    Have you observed when an archer shoots an arrow, he succeeds partly by pulling, partly by letting go? Both parts are necessary and it takes wisdom to know when to pull and when to let […]

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