This intriguing work of 140 pages was written in the 1970s by Brother Graham Pearce and has been republished several times since. It continues to be popular because it fulfils a specific role and need.

When the angel introduced the vision of the famous 17th chapter of Revelation, he said, “Come hither: I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters”. The essence of this remarkable prophecy is therefore the judgment of a system that is contemporary with the Lord’s return. It is the Lamb that overcomes the power of the seven-headed beast and the saints are with him at that time (v14).

The vision exudes a sense of confidence on behalf of the Romish harlot. The greater significance of this latter-day confidence is seen when one remembers the vials of judgment in chapter 16. In consecutive outpourings God brings great tribulation upon the adherents of the papacy (v2) until even the Roman capital itself is eclipsed (v10). Yet Revelation 17 sees “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” back in power and prominence: the pretentious “lady of kingdoms” (17:1–2, 8–14; 18:6–7; Isa 47:5).

The conclusion is, therefore, that we should have been expecting a major revival of papal influence since the loss of the Vatican’s temporal power in 1870 through to our present days. Unfortunately, there has been no book in the Brotherhood that has meaningfully plotted that amazing development and structured the story so that the principal features were clear.

However, in this book Brother Graham Pearce has provided a great number of interesting facts on the current organisation of the Papacy and the main issues that have arisen since Ecumenical Council Vatican II, which began in 1962 and continues right through to the reign of the present Pope.

Some very remarkable things have occurred that are, prophetically speaking, most exciting! The reader, therefore, will find this book of value in understanding and appreciating the vision of the woman sitting upon the “scarlet coloured beast”. This is a great sign of the latter days and blessed are the eyes that see and comprehend.

The reign of Pope John Paul II was an astonishingly successful chapter in Papal history, vastly increasing the power and prestige of the Roman Catholic Church in the modern world. Pope John Paul II spoke to larger audiences in more countries of the world than any other person in history.

For a hundred years the Vatican had been clamouring for greater international prestige. Pope John Paul II fulfilled that desire; he was an historic phenomenon! Pope Benedict XVI was a less imposing character but the sudden arrival of the Argentinian Francis VII has reinvigorated the confidence of Rome. His audience at a papal mass in Manila last month doubled the numbers even of those who came to Pope John Paul II when he visited the Philippines!

Rome and Jerusalem is a well-written, lucid presentation that will help one to comprehend the workings, traditions, hierarchy and power of the Papacy. Steeped in ancient mysteries, it yet has the vitality to recreate itself for the last push at world influence and government, to “ride the beast”.

A wonderful read for every Christadelphian. Available from all CSSS agents; phone: 8278 6848; email: