Since the garden of Eden, there has been a great historical “enmity” between the “seed of the woman” and the
“seed of the serpent” (Gen 3:15). This is a theme taken up in the book of Revelation, in which “the remnant of the
woman’s seed” is downtrodden by the dragon, the beast and their Papal armies (read Eureka Volume 2 pages 77,
300). The great players of the conflict are found revived in the earth today in readiness for the final conflict when
the tables are turned and “the name of Yahweh cometh from far, burning with his anger…” (Isaiah 30:27).

The beginning of what Daniel styles “the Kingdom of Men” was Nimrod’s kingdom of Babylon. Most importantly, it all began with the voice of the people, “Let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven…” (Gen 11:4). This kingdom was based on the cry of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Consider the words of Genesis 11:4–6: “let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad…” (fraternity), “And Yahweh said, Behold the people is one, and they have all one language…” (equality), “…and now nothing will be restrained from them…” (liberty).

Likewise in the latter days, it is not surprising that the Kingdom of Men is found to be based upon the same principle. Out of the mouth of the dragon, beast and false prophet emanate the unclean spirits like frogs, gathering the nations to Armageddon. The lesson for us is that human nature never changes, and there is only one solution—the Kingdom of God.

Consider that under the period of the fifth vial, the beast’s kingdom “was full of darkness…and they blasphemed the God of heaven.” Incredibly almost 200 years later, under the sixth vial, the beast is not only back into prominence (in the form of a revived Holy Roman Empire), but is taking advantage of the same “frog-like spirit” which caused its downfall 200 years ago. The revival is so dramatic that when Christ is in the earth, the same horns who 200 years before “hated the whore, and made her desolate…” now “give their kingdom unto the beast” (Rev 17:16, 17). They have given their kingdoms to a beast being ridden (and thus controlled) by the same harlot who was previously hated! What a revival! What a comeback!

 The European Alliance

 The latter-day Roman system is the great enemy of God, the same apostate system that has trodden under foot the saints through the ages. Today, the strongest leader in Western Europe, Helmut Kohl, has issued an ultimatum to his European partners that Europe must unite and it must expand:

“An apocalyptic warning from German Chancellor Helmut Kohl that the only alternative to European integration was war, provoked a mixture of astonishment and outrage yesterday from Britain, the country most sceptical about unity. To him, Mr Kohl said, the only alternative to closer integration would be war on the continent in the 21st Century.” (Sydney Telegraph Mirror 5.2.96)

 The Economist (18.11.95) had an 18 page article to the heading, “The Return of the Habsburgs” in which they described Eastern Europe’s proposed inclusion in the EU as “a homecoming”, that is, back to another Holy Roman Empire. It was said that “theirs are the lands of the old Habsburg empire… The Central European nations hold common credentials for entering the EU: they will be not so much joining Western Europe as coming home to it”. Here we see a latter-day revival of the Germanic “Beast of the Earth” in preparation for Armageddon and the subsequent events when Christ reigns in Jerusalem.

Russia and the Influence of the Church

 While a “Fourth Reich” emerges in Western Europe, in order for her to achieve her long-awaited objectives, she must come to terms with her counterpart in the east—the Russian dragon. While historically the heirs to the western Roman Empire were found with the German Kaiser (Caesar) and with the Pope in Rome, the heir to the Eastern Roman Empire was found with the Czar (Caesar) in Russia. Moscow as the “Third Rome” was the inheritor of the throne of Constantinople which fell to the Turks in 1453 (read Revelation chapter 9).

In Russia today, Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s radical antics have made a deep impression on Boris Yeltsin, who appears to be shifting more towards Zhirinovsky’s policies. Despite Zhirinovsky’s limited power, he appears even to have Europe at his mercy. For instance, on 25 January, big moves were made towards bringing Russia into the European alliance. Zhirinovsky threatened that if the Council of Europe did not include Russia in their club, then he would turn Russia against them:

“His face flushed, his finger wagging menacingly, Mr Vladimir Zhirinovsky shook the Council of Europe chamber yesterday as he threatened: ‘Vote against us today and you will drive millions of Russians into the arms of my ultra nationalist party. If you vote against Russia today, I will be grateful to you. It will be a gift to my party for the next presidential elections…’” (Weekend Australian 27–28.1.96). He went on to say that if Russia was not admitted into the European alliance, then he would “tell Russians how much western Europe hates them…” so that they would vote for him.

The Europeans favoured Russian inclusion “as an antidote to further destabilisation”. They warned that “keeping Russia out would make it more frustrated and more aggressive”. The Council of Europe is a large grouping of nations incorporating the European Union and many other East European and North African nations which “seeks to promote human rights and democracy in Europe”. These are the unclean spirits like frogs, the spirit of flesh controlling the Kingdom of Men.

Also revealed is Zhirinovsky’s plan for a Russian/ European confederacy with prominent French far right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen. It was said, “The two pledged to form a European union of ultra-nationalists with the self-proclaimed aim of defying historical precedent and using their ideology to ‘prevent war in Europe…’ The article went on to comment, “What if he means even half of what he says? What if he and Mr Le Pen—who have both won over a significant slice of their electorates in their time—have a serious goal in mind?” (Sydney Morning Herald 13.2.96).

Like Yeltsin, Zhirinovksy is strongly religious, as seen in a recent renewing of his marriage vows with his wife in a “Russian Orthodox ceremony in which they kissed icons, held candles, and paraded under crowns….” (Sydney Morning Herald 13.2.96). If that is not enough, he has invited to his pre-election campaign celebrations in the Cathedral of Michael the Archangel not only the Russian patriarch but a representative from the Vatican! (The European 8.2.96). While he may not become President in June, his influence has been overwhelming. Even the resurgent Communists led by the popular Mr Zyuganov have now “renounced atheism” (Time 8.1.96). The Church is now too prominent and influential for it to be otherwise.

Thus the dragon power is in revival, as Constantine’s descendant in the latter days who will “cause priestcraft to prosper” and who will “by peace destroy many” (Daniel 8:25). Remember that Daniel’s Fourth Beast has claws of brass “which devour, break in pieces and stamp the residue with its feet”. This influence is found today in the Eastern Orthodox Church, soon to be aligned with the EU.

Recent moves to bring the Roman and Orthodox Churches closer together is one of the phenomena of our time. It is critical to the standing up of Nebuchadnezzar’s Image and the revival of the latter-day serpent power. Brother Thomas in Exposition of Daniel says of the Russian Gog, “As the head of a confederacy of the adherents of the Greek and Latin churches, it will be his policy to cause their priesthoods to be respected as useful co-operators in the subjection of Europe to his will… Whatever may be the individual prejudices existing between the two schisms matters not; their ecclesiastics… on the principle of self preservation will have to place themselves under the shadow of the Autocrat” (p 57).

The Final Drying up of the River Euphrates?

 The Byzantine dragon power however, will not be fully revived until re-instated in Constantinople and Turkey. Russia’s Orthodox ally, Greece, has recently been on the brink of war with Turkey, the effect of which may eventually see Russia move south into this territory and thus fulfil her role as the latter day “little horn of the goat” (Daniel 8) and “King of the north” (Daniel 11:36-45): “Relations between Greece and Turkey have long been tense, and the latest row… could trigger a sudden war…” (The Australian 2.2.96). It is important to note that the sixth Seal, sixth Trumpet and sixth Vial are all concerned with events in the dragon territory of Constantinople. While the sixth trumpet saw the Byzantine dragon empire overthrown, the sixth Vial reveals a revived dragon power upon the final drying up of the river Euphrates.

As Brother Thomas says in Exposition of Daniel, “When the sceptre falls from the feeble hands of the Sultan, the world will behold in his Muscovite successor a potentate not surpassed in presumption and impiety by any of his predecessors, not excepting Pharaoh of the olden time….” This will be Gog, the dragon-chief, who will have a “spiritual element” and who “will not be hostile to the pope. On the contrary, he will honour and acknowledge him, and be the enemy of the Holy Land” (p 58).

The Orthodox Church and Jerusalem’s Holy Sites

 Russia and Europe are expected to play an increasing role in the destiny of Jerusalem and her Holy Sites. Russia hopes to recover many of her assets in east Jerusalem through the PLO. Mr Arafat said recently that “holy sites in Jerusalem, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where tradition says Jesus died, would soon be under Palestinian control” (The Australian 25.12.95). Mr Arafat later said that “he hoped he would celebrate next Christmas in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem” (The Australian 8.1.96). He took part in the first Catholic service in Bethlehem on Christmas eve. The “burdensome stone” of Jerusalem is surely the ultimate spoil for the northern host, when they “sanctify a war” (Joel 3:9mrg).

The Challenge for us Today

 The influence of the frogs is not only prominent in the Roman “earth”, but they also “go forth unto the kings…of the whole world,” including Australia. Today, the frog-like influence of democracy, rebellion and human rights is pervading our world. The media and schools are promoting the same philosophy as that found emanating from the dragon, beast and false prophet. In Australia, the electronic media and entertainment industry are waging a devastating campaign to gain the minds of our young people. The feminist and Pentecostal philosophies now pose a grave threat to the Brotherhood. The spirit of humanism and cynicism is even attempting to strangle the life out of our witness in these desperate times. May we follow the example of Isaiah, Jeremiah and their fellow prophets who witnessed to a world which largely refused to listen. The time has come for us to pursue the enthusiasm of Enoch who fearlessly proclaimed that “the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints!” Jude 14.