Considering the waiting list for enrollment of Primary school children and the requests from many parents regarding expansion into a High School, the College Council decided to approach the Government for support. The college will seek approval to increase the maximum number of Primary School children that can be enrolled and attract Government funding. The current maximum for which Government funding is received is 100 and we already have 114 children enrolled for the year. Further, we need to extend the college into secondary level education.

The approval process normally involves a period of between two and a half to three and a half years from the time of application. However, the College appealed to the Commonwealth Government for special consideration to shorten that time to less than a year. Two brethren presented the appeal to the Department of Education in Canberra. Again, the evident hand of our Heavenly Father was manifest in that, despite being warned before- hand by representatives from the Department that an appeal would be unlikely to succeed, we received an affirmative response within a week!

We now proceed in faith to the next step, namely, the lodging of the actual applications to commence a Junior High school (years 8 to 10) from January 1997 and to increase the ceiling for enrollment in the Primary School. This involves discussion with surrounding schools regarding sharing facilities, developing the curriculum and ensuring we have teaching staff and student numbers. If a school within close proximity believes our application will detrimentally affect their position they can object to our application. For the Secondary School, we have had discussion with the Torrens Valley Institute of TAFE, Gilles Plains Campus, regarding use of their resources and developing a curriculum that incorporates aspects of their courses, in fact enabling our children to obtain credits in TAFE courses at the same time as complying with SACE requirements. This concept is called imbedded VET—Vocational Education Training. This has been received enthusiastically by TAFE and we trust we shall develop an interesting and varied curriculum for our college.

One requirement of the Government for the High School is a minimum student number of twenty five per class. If you have not yet responded to the survey indicating your interest in sending a child to the Secondary School, it is important that you do so as soon as possible. An information night will be conducted towards the end of April or early May at which a proposed curriculum will be discussed, staffing and shared resources explained and an opportunity given for parents to express their thoughts on what we trust will continue to be a blessing from our Heavenly Father.