• “A bruised reed shall he not break”

    The prophet Isaiah describes the one who would be God’s special servant (42:1–4). He would be the Messiah of Israel; the perfect servant who would bring God’s salvation to the Gentiles, as well as to […]

    / Women of the Bible

  • An Obnoxious Argument, and its Answer

    E.The implications of his gospel (2:17–21) The debate in Antioch had been a hard-fought affair. The Judaists had raised every conceivable objection, mounted every conceivable argument: for, as Luke records, there had been “no small […]

    / Exposition

  • Feed the Flock of God

    This was Peter’s instruction to the elders of the ecclesias to which he wrote his first epistle. The responsibilities of elders, or in today’s parlance, arranging brethren, are no less demanding today and Peter’s words […]

    / Editorial

  • Light Is Come Into The World

    In the Gospel of John there are a string of pas­sages that present clear teaching on the subject of our responsibility to judgment. This interest­ing series show us the quite definite mind of the Lord […]

    / Doctrine