What is predestination?

This is an awe-inspiring subject because it concerns the mind of God and the purpose which God had with man before He even began the work of creating the heavens and the earth, as recorded in Genesis … Read more “Predestination”

The Children of God – Romans 8

Brothers and sisters, when we come around the emblems on our Lord’s table we are chal­lenged by the effort to which our Father in heaven has gone to complete this plan and provide for our salvation. For example, we have … Read more “The Children of God – Romans 8”

Which Bible Should You Use? (5)

First Principles under Challenge

The previous article identified doctrinal problems arising either from the original language text itself or from the ‘dynamic equivalent’ interpretations of that text. A by-product of this interpretive philosophy was seen in the ‘gender inclusiveness’ of … Read more “Which Bible Should You Use? (5)”

A Spiritual Mind

In this article we consider a number of difficult verses dealing with the word “spirit” and show how the influence of the Spirit Word is critical in our development of a spiritual mind. Renewal and transformation is by the power
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