• Lastly he sent unto them his own Son

    Lastly he sent unto them his own Son

    Of all the great men who depicted the sufferings of Christ, Zechariah the prophet is not normally a name that comes to the top of the list. The spectacular visions of the prophecy have been […]

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  • The Spiritual Creation (2)

    Day 5 (Genesis 1:20-23) – Preaching On the fifth day God filled the sea and the sky with fish and birds. This is teaching us about preaching the gospel. Fish and birds represent men (Ecc […]

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  • Worthy is the Lamb

    Worthy is the Lamb

    No one likes to be alone and unappreciated. A sincere ‘thank you’ goes a long way in encouraging us to continue the work before us. But consider our Lord in the days of his flesh. […]

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