The following word picture of the Kingdom and our activities with fellow saints was given in the context of references to escalating wars and suffering fulfilling Bible prophecy. This exhortation is given as an assurance for us when we wrestle with fluctuating faith and human weakness. It is a portrayal of a scene that we pray may yet unfold before our eyes. It is written after the style of Brother Robert Roberts’ “Final Consolation”.

Colour ourselves into the picture of the Kingdom

How do we picture the Kingdom? Do we often day dream of what we will do in the Kingdom, what life will be like when every man will dwell under his own vine and fig tree, where justice and peace will prevail? Or does it all just seem so unreal that we actually can’t see ourselves there? Well, we need to picture ourselves there. But not just to picture ourselves walking up to or around or in the Temple but to think of what we will be doing under the reign of Christ, for that Millennium.

It might be something like this…

We gathered around the fire as darkness set in. All around us, you could see pinpricks of light punctuating the darkness and illuminating the faces of families, orphans, workers, saints.

It was an amazing scene though – all around us were scenes of destruction and devastation. Here in our little spot by the river, we’d spent much time after Armageddon and the Judgement just trying to clear a space for the housing and agriculture, to support the community that I was working with. There were probably about 200,000 people in the city left. Before Armageddon I’d lived here and the population then was around one million people. So many had perished when the earth shook as it had never shaken before, and the sea had gushed inland right up to the foothills. The landscape had changed completely. The only advantage was that many who had perished had fallen into the huge crevasses and holes that had opened up, and then been buried under the sea of rubble and water that had gushed into the ground. Mercifully the burial process had not taken too long, but what a time that was. So much sorrow and pain was etched on the faces of the mortals. It had been all we could do to comfort them and tell them of the wonderful things that Jesus Christ was doing to the world and that we would do here in this land.

I had a vague recollection of what it had been like to walk the streets of my hometown before my Lord had returned – but it was almost like a dream really. The city itself was barely recognisable when I arrived with the party of saints who had been assigned to the city. Some nights I would cast my mind back to life back then, but there was so much to plan and do and execute now, that my mind was fully focused on the task at hand.

After Judgement, I’d been allocated this area of the earth under the leadership of Barnabas and Mary Magdalene. All together there were about 4,000 of us – saints and angels who had journeyed here to this remote part of the earth to restore it to its former glory and seek out those who had hearts that we could mould and work with. The master plan for this area was amazing – quite a vast and detailed plan of work, that would see us here for some years.

Much of the rubble from the city was going to need to be transported down to the beach area, where we were going to build a large harbour. The location at the head of the river had been chosen to build the harbour so that those inland could easily sail down the river, and then board much larger ships which were sailing off to the land of Israel on a regular basis. The river was just a sight to see. I remembered that it had been nothing more than a stagnant drain, but now it was running quite rapidly and the clarity of the water was improving every day. A huge party of mortals with the saints were working on the river, widening it, cleaning and nurturing life. But of course, the essential ingredient – that of fresh, flowing water – had enabled the working parties to complete the finishing touches. Indeed one could actually say that the river was really starting to look beautiful – truly God is the master Architect and Environmentalist.

Around the fire that night I was talking with a saint named Balthasar who had lived his mortal life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, my angel, and three other friends – Amy, Thomas and Mowali. We had an unshakeable bond, we saints, driven out of our mutual love for each other, our Lord and our great God who had blessed us immeasurably. We did everything together and had been inseparable since Judgement. Tonight we were to be joined by Barnabas, who was going to talk to us about the plan of action for the next year through hundred years – it was a big job ahead of us, and it was exciting to be able to see the plans and envisage what was ahead.

When Barnabas joined us he outlined the grand plan for the area that we were working on. The main projects were the building of housing and establishment of agricultural areas, the harbour, and a large central altar and areas of worship in each suburb. Every morning and evening, we would meet in our groups to pray, meditate and to talk to the mortals of the glory of God and their opportunity to live like us if they accepted the leadership of Christ and were willing to accept his rulership and keep his commandments.

These were the moments I enjoyed the most. Shaken by the destruction of their city and the collapse of the economic and financial systems, most of the mortals were very eager to embrace the rulership of Jesus Christ and his saints, especially when they saw the changes we were making to the environment, to justice, to law and order, to agriculture and to peace. It was here, as the sun rose and set, in our small groups that I found the beauty of the Kingdom of God. To tell them of the sheer magnificence of the Temple and the immense rebuilding that was going on around the world was simply amazing. But what I enjoyed the most was to tell them of the gentle majesty of our Lord – our King, and the sheer joy of being with those great saints who were put into positions of authority and on the thrones. To tell of a governing power that for the first time on earth had a mission statement of “Peace. Prosperity and Goodwill to All”. To tell them of reports from some of the most inhospitable places on earth, that where there had only been sand, stone and ice, now there was water, growth and prosperity. They could scarcely believe it. All of our teaching was done orally – all the technologies of the era and the communications networks had been terminally affected by the earthquake and natural disasters that had befallen the earth. And so now, they were reliant on listening to us as we broke small the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom that we were a part of.

Our God had blessed us indeed. There was no tiredness, no feelings of anxiety or depression as we considered the time ahead of us working with the mortals. There were feelings of peace, contentment and a sheer exuberance of immortality that defied description. The morning glow of the sun appeared on the horizon as the darkness of the night faded away. Without the need for sleep, we had spent the night discussing the plans for the time ahead of us, and then had probed Barnabas on his time with the great apostle Paul. What wonderful stories, and what an inspiration! As the sun painted a beautiful picture of golden pinks on the clouds, we reflected on the goodness of God. Truly the earth was being filled with His glory. Our reflections were interrupted by squeals of delight from thousands of young voices. The children of the mortals were playing with the angels down by the riverbank. It was a beautiful picture – these young children had no fears, no worries in life, no pain, just love, peace, security, fun. They loved unequivocally, and all of them wanted to meet Jesus Christ and his disciples… Soon they would. Soon we all would.

Moments of Truth

What matters is that you believe that you will be there, and you believe that this is a reality. When you look through the Bible, it is interesting that many of the characters have their lives condensed to a few moments – a few moments of truth. Consider the following characters of the Bible – Enoch, Demas, Jude, Jonah, Hannah, Othniel, John Mark, Manasseh, Shadrach, Zaccheus, Ananias, etc.

Very little is known of their lives as recorded in the Book of Life bar a handful of moments – moments of truth. In those moments, everything about their character and their heart is revealed, and all that is left on record are these small moments to tell us of the person they were and to make our own conclusions. What would be written of us? What have been our moments of truth and, in those moments of truth, how have we reacted? Was our faith genuine then? Did we trust in God? Did we believe in Jesus’ resurrection and his near return? Did we long for the Kingdom? Was it our consolation?

If some of the answers to these questions have been difficult to answer, if some of our moments of truth brought to light characteristics of which we are ashamed, worry not, my brethren and sisters. For we worship a God of love who desires us to be in His Kingdom, and it is this very feeling of shame and inadequacy that brings to the forefront our need for Christ and the redemption of his sinless life by which our sins are forgiven.

Our sins can be forgiven – we must believe this. Consider Mary of Bethany. Of her it was written: “Wherefore I say unto thee, her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little. And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven” (Luke 7:47). And so it can be for us – by God’s grace, our sins can be forgiven, but only when we recognise that God needs to work with us, that we are His workmanship and that we can only be in that Kingdom through a recognition of His righteousness and a change in our lives. We must love our Lord with the same love of Mary. Because of that love, and a desire for the Lord to enter into our lives, we can be forgiven. We can do better the next time that moment of truth comes into our life and asks of us what our true character is.

Brethren and sisters, the Kingdom of God is coming very soon. Each day draws us nearer to the return of our beloved Lord. Events on this earth are taking dramatic turns that are in line with clear, precise Bible prophecy. And just as those prophecies have come or are coming true, so we can have absolute faith that our Lord will return, as he promised.

Our faith will soon be a reality. Let us see ourselves in that Kingdom. Spend time developing that vision – think of what you will be doing in the Kingdom, who you want to work with, what you want to work on, where you want to be. It will be a reality soon. Brethren and sisters, our Lord is coming back to this earth very soon. And then, he will open the book, and look at our moments of truth – how has our character developed? How have all these lead up days, the daily living, led us to the moments of truth, and prepared us?

May it be said of all of us in that day – “your sins, which are many, are forgiven, for you loved much.”

So let us lift up our heads, for our redemption draweth nigh.