I was down to present a lecture titled, Proof the Bible is Inspired. Since I first came nto the Truth, I hadn’t really considered this subject as I accepted 2 Timothy 3:16: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God…” This was sufficient for my belief that the whole Bible was inspired. But now, because of my pending lecture, I had cause to contemplate the inspiration of the Bible and why this is such an important subject. The fact that the Bible is infallible and inspired is the major founda­tion of the beliefs of the Christadelphians; indeed it was added as the foundation clause of the BASF in 1886. This separates us from most of the churches around us, who base their doctrines on tradition or on the teachings of their leaders.

About the same time, the Christadelphian Office published a new book titled, Our Sure Foundation, which is based on the inspiration and infallibility of the Bible. As I now had a renewed interest on this subject I decided to read it, well after I had presented my lecture. It was to my good fortune that I did, as I found it fascinating to consider how our earlier brethren were moved to write about this subject. For the Truth to have been revived it was necessary that Brother Thomas believed that the whole Bible was inspired but this wasn’t so much of an issue in his day. However, since Brother Robert Ashcroft first questioned the complete inspiration of the Bible in 1884, this issue has from time to time resurfaced in the brotherhood, which has caused sound brethren to analyse and expound the subject of the overall reliability of the Bible.

The book, Our Sure Foundation, is divided into two broad parts. The first part titled Given by Inspiration of God, is a compilation of articles in chronological order written by brethren such as John Thomas, Robert Roberts, John Carter, WH Boulton, Ron Abel and Alfred Nicholls, discussing the inspiration and infallibility of the Bible. This section is extremely deep and thought provoking in parts, discussing issues and questions such as:

What does inspiration actually mean?

What are the Bible’s own claims to be inspired and can it be tested?

Are parts of the Bible uninspired and merely the thoughts of the writer?

If the Bible is God’s Word, why did the gospel writers, for example, all writing about the life of Christ, write about different events or the same event with a different emphasis and with different styles?

The brethren consider many different aspects of the Bible and the difficulties and challenges present. However, through them all we can have every confidence that every word written is the Word of God, although physically written by men. I, myself, was surprised and greatly encouraged to consider the many varied ways the Bible itself explains that it must be the Word of God. When one comes to this conclusion, the consequence is that we must fashion our lives on its teachings and do its requirements.

The second part is titled, The Inspired Scriptures –

Our Sure Foundation. This section con­sists of an excellent series of articles by Brother Peter Watkins, which were first published in the Christadelphian Magazine between May 1961 and June 1962.

Brother Watkins also discusses the Bible from a variety of angles, such as the unity of the canon of Scripture, what the Bible itself claims to be, how inspiration occurred and how reliable are the translations which we have. This is very important, as it is one thing to accept that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, but can we trust the translations which have been copied for thousands of years?

This book is highly recommended for all Christadelphians who have a desire to defend the Truth against the wiles of the serpent thinking, which from the beginning did not believe that what God had said was true. The recent attacks on the Truth, such as theistic evolution and the roles of sisters, have that in common – that they simply don’t believe what God has caused to be written. If we arm ourselves with the sword of the spirit and the words of Brethren Thomas, Roberts and others who have previously dealt with the issues surrounding the inspiration of the Scriptures, we can be personally strengthened and uplifted and ready for the coming of the great Judge, who will judge us by the word which he has spoken (John 12:48).