After a stormy night, the weather cleared enough to welcome several hundred brethren and sisters and youngsters to Heritage College for the first time, to see the children’s work on display.

People commented on the now brightly decorated rooms which have made the school so alive and inviting—you would never know it used to be a hospital! The range of children’s work showed how well the school has progressed in such a short space of time. This, of course, is due to the blessing of our heavenly Father and a lot of hard work by Brother Bill, his teachers and the parents that assist on a regular basis. The children’s work ranged from fascinating Egyptian projects, to pictures of dolphins and ships, right down to toddlers writing about how “good” they were when they were babies!

There was a large book display where anyone that wanted could buy a book and then donate it to the school. Several hundred dollars were raised by donations for sorely needed reading programs also. Brother Stuart Wilson managed to persuade someone to buy his class a huge egg timer which he assured us would have many good uses.

While people wandered through the open school rooms with pushers and toddlers at their sides, many young people crowded onto the small basketball area to enjoy some sport together. Meanwhile a few brethren and sisters worked happily for several hours to provide an excellent “Sausage Sizzle” meal for a seemingly endless line of hungry visitors.

With all the hustle and bustle, the greatest enjoyment for people of all ages was the favourite Christadelphian pass-time of meeting old friends and family and getting to know others a little better as we discussed the joy of the Hope we share.

We all came away once again realising a little more the depth of love and mercy our Heavenly Father has extended to us and our children in this city. Now we have a Godly environment for Yahweh’s heritage—our young ones—that we only desire to protect from the wicked society in which we live that we may give them back to Him. Now by God’s good hand upon us, we can fortify our children day and night, seven days a week, at home and at school, with Godly principles and practices.

Assistance is still required in many areas and a list of jobs for skilled and unskilled workers was displayed in the School foyer. In this regard, a series of working bees is planned for the near future. If you were prevented on this occasion from attending the open day we hope that a future time will provide opportunity for others to enjoy and appreciate this wonderful blessing in these latter days.