As described in the previous article, the college was greatly excited by our successful appeal to lodge an application to increase the ceiling on numbers for Government funding for Primary School children and to extend the college into secondary level education from 1997. Once again we believe this reflects the continued blessing of our loving Heavenly Father.

As is the way of our Father, with His blessings comes added responsibilities.

While the college grounds may be considered to be adequate for one hundred and fourteen Primary school children, I am sure all would agree, they are less than adequate for any more, let alone for the larger High School children. This is particularly true of our more active boys, of whom we seem to have our fair share. The College Council, considering the number of children in the brotherhood, the size and location of the school, planned for the school to accommodate 300 children, God willing. The Enfield City Council and the school authorities all agree, that for us to meet our objectives we need more playground area, notwithstanding the presence of the nearby oval and the Bi-Centennial Park. While the oval is still available for community use, the Bi-Centennial Park is to be sold.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the vendors of the land, on inspection of the college naturally agreed with this view. In the process they expressed their pleasure and surprise as to how well the brotherhood had converted the “savaged” building into a warm and inviting school. In speaking about the additional land they said that now was the time to acquire it for the following reasons:

  • They are prepared to sell the additional land for $300,000 a hectare, notwithstanding their current sales of nearer $500,000 a hectare. ($300,000 is the same price we negotiated for the current school site.)
  • If we were to acquire the additional land later from the developer, or worse still by acquiring housing sites, we would then pay three to four times as much for the same land— that is, even if it was on the market when we wanted to buy it.
  • Further, to have the land later re-zoned from “residential” to “school” use, would be a difficult if not an impossible task.
  • By buying the land today it would be zoned to suit our purposes: school, ecclesial, aged care; however it is wanted, it can be zoned accordingly.

Subject to approval from members, the college is negotiating the acquisition of another hectare to the north of the school; the Bi-Centennial Park and land to the east of the park in line with the college’s eastern boundary. This is an additional hectare, or 2.5 hectares (6 acres) in all. Some will say that we should buy more, but even this will cost the college $700,000! We are negotiating settlement over three years with the first instalment due twelve months from the signing of a contract, which could be several months off yet. With this offer, the Department is prepared to move the Trans Adelaide bus terminus, with additional car parking bays, to the north-west corner of the site.

An Appeal for Funds

 So we come to our responsibilities. None of this can be achieved without your support in a very practical way. We need donations, interest free or interest bearing loans. For many, it is not until the college caters for High school children that it is addressing the real issues our children face. Now that this is possible we need your support even more. Every dollar counts. If you are able to assist we appeal to your generosity and ask that you do not leave this matter to others. As the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “therefore, as ye abound in every thing, in faith, and utterance, and knowledge, and in all diligence, and in love… see that ye abound in this grace also” (2 Cor 8:7). Donations to the school are tax deductible.

Your liberality in this area will be greatly appreciated. All monies should be advanced to Brother Bruce Gurd, 12 Brook Street, Torrens Park, 5062, telephone 277 5196 or to the College, PO Box 400, Greenacres, 5086, telephone 266 5122, fax 266 5161.