The following article records briefly the remarkable way the hand of God brought Vivian Dickman to the Truth. Brother Vivian was baptised at the Mildura ecclesia on Sunday 27th February 2011 at the age of 88 years. Ed.

For some months, following the sudden death of my first wife after sixty-two years of a wonderful marriage, I found it very difficult to come to terms with the situation and tended to lose faith. I plied myself with as much activity in the Anglican Church as I could, but this did not give me any notable change or help. I withdrew further into myself and became a semi-recluse, getting little or no help from the church. During all this time I prayed earnestly to God for His direction and help to find my way back to the faith that had seemingly deserted me.

As the festive season (Christmas) approached, I had decided not to go to visit my family in Melbourne but to remain on my own in Mildura, believing I would not be good company for anyone. However all that was about to change as my daughter in Melbourne threatened to come and get me if I did not come on my own volition; as a result I made the necessary travel arrangements.

On the morning of the trip, I arrived early and took my window seat, which I had booked, and waited for the bus to fill. As I was waiting, a lovely lady came on board and stood at the end of the seat I was occupying and remarked, “I think you have my seat”. Being a gentleman, I assured her that I hadn’t but offered it to her out of courtesy. She replied, “No thanks, this one will do as I can stretch my legs here.” I thought this was the most original method of introduction I had ever heard.

During our trip we got to know a lot about each other and we got along fine. We discovered that we were both living solitary lives not far from each other. At the end of our trip we parted to go our separate ways but vowed to meet again when we returned to Mildura.

When we finally came together again, we discovered we had a definite attraction to each other and enjoyed being together, with the result that, eleven weeks later, we were married! Janice told me earlier that she belonged to the Christadelphian Ecclesia, of which I know nothing, but this did not deter me from accompanying her to the meetings.

After going for some time, I found that I had regained the faith I had lost and also found the Truth. All the time I was attending the Ecclesia, I kept praying to the Lord for guidance and direction. During the Bible Exhibition recently held at Mildura, as I was reading the story of Israel and its people, something told me that “now was the time” to seek to know the Lord Jesus Christ through baptism. After several months of instruction (I learned more about the Bible in this time than during the 80 years I was an Anglican) I was baptised into the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and am now totally at peace with God and myself.

I am positive that the meeting with Janice on the bus was God’s answer to my prayers that I had made during my turmoil following Jean’s death.