May I so live and move and be
A fitting vessel, Lord for Thee,
at Thou canst use me here and there
A help in need to answered prayer.

May I so run this earthly race
That men may know Thy saving grace.
May love and faith complete in me
Some pattern Lord, that looks like Thee.

And as the watchful angels know
The path I take and where I go,
May I so walk and work the while,
Thus proving worthy of their smile.

O, may I never be the cause
Of men to mock and sneer thy laws,
Or lead a child of ine astray
Because at times I leave Thy way.

Thou wilt not look or dwell where sin
Is cherished carefully within.
So may I clean my temple part
For Thou dost read into each heart.

We need y presence when we meet,
The wine to drink, the bread to eat,
Until our Lord returns again.
So help us all, I pray. Amen.

Meditations Page 1 – Sis Winifred M.Booth