Dear Brother Jim,

Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ.
I was delighted to note the inclusion of the article ‘The Answer of a Good Conscience’ in the September-October Lampstand, written by my father, the late Brother Eric Ritchie. I trust that readers may enjoy and be encouraged by the experiences of some of our early brothers and sisters in northern New South Wales, in the early days of the Truth in that area.

I would, however, point out one or two factual errors made by my father. The Tweed Heads railway line was closed in about 1960, not 1920. The ‘Brother Hermann’ was more likely a Brother Hawkins, a relative of the Brother Gardiner mentioned in the article. Some members of the Hawkins family lived in the Newybar area at the time (1895, having arrived in about 1892). Brother (Ernest) Hermann was not baptised until July 1896. He was another pioneer in the area, and was responsible for introducing the Truth to my husband’s family. That, however, is another story.

Your Sister in Christ
Judy Russell