Greetings in the Hope of Israel
I read with great interest the article in the Youth section of the November-December issue of The Lampstand entitled ‘Conscientious Objection – The Need For Consistency’.

I was impressed with the spiritual tone of the article and the concern expressed by the young writer, Brother Luke Cadieux – who obviously has a good grasp of this subject – that there does not seem to be a great deal of attention given to conscientious objection in ecclesias today, at least not in Australia. I fully agree with Brother Luke that this is an important subject and that it challenges our whole life in Jesus Christ.

He stated that ecclesias of earlier generations arranged regular talks and practical studies on the subject. I can support that fact in my own experience, being baptised 61 years ago, and benefiting from the challenging evenings, as together with the young brethren who had to be prepared to face court, we all became more alert to live up to our claim to be serving God. These challenges to our faith still exist.

The ecclesia in Launceston – where I have been a member for many years now – arranges a special evening on conscientious objection as part of its Bible Class program every six months. Various aspects of this subject are considered in turn.

Your Sister in Christ
Pauline Niejalke


Greetings in our Master’s name.
The Monroe ecclesia in Washington State, USA would like to submit the following for publication in the Lampstand Magazine.

Over the course of a year, we have worked through issues within our ecclesia related to Theistic Evolution / Evolutionary Creationism. A little more than a year ago, one of our members brought to our attention a petition dated July 9, 2014, purportedly signed by a number of brethren and sisters throughout the world, urging that our worldwide community consider questions surrounding evolution and the creation of man as “uncertain details” rather than “general principles.” We were told that the petition had been sent to the mainstream magazines in our community. Along with the petition was a request that the Monroe ecclesia allow Theistic Evolution / Evolutionary Creationism as an acceptable, alternative understanding of the Creation account within our own ecclesial constitution and fellowship. After a thorough review of the topic, we declined to accept this request because the ideas encapsulated in TE / EC teachings are not reconcilable with the first principles of the Bible and the clauses of the BASF, specifically those related to the nature of man and the nature of Christ.

Following our rejection of this request, Brother Dan, Sister Penny and Sister Addie Whitcomb withdrew their membership from the Monroe ecclesia and have since been withdrawn from our fellowship. It is our sincere hope that our brother and sisters will reconsider their positions and return to the knowledge of God’s Truth.

We would like to say that we were very thankful for the work of other brethren on this subject, particularly the arranging brethren of the Watford, UK ecclesia who dealt with this same issue back in 1966. Although we performed our own review of the subject matter, we found their comments both instructive and reassuring.

Your brother in Christ
Eric Hawthorne
Secretary, Monroe Christadelphian Ecclesia