Dear Bro Jim,
Loving greetings in the One Hope of Israel. Thank you for the various articles which have been published in the Lampstand, which invariably are timely and invigorating.

I read with interest Brother Rob Thiele’s article on ‘Things Hard to be Understood (25)’, which covers the identity of the King of the South and the King of the North. I always find these article stimulating and read with interest. I concur with Brother Rob in his brief exposition on the identities of these two “kings” as representing those powers which occupy those territories to the “south” of and “north” of Israel, namely, in the first instance, the Ptolemys in Egypt (South) and the kingdom of Seleucus (North). As Brother Rob explains in the crisis of events at Christ’s return, there is no King of the South when the King of the North comes against “the land of Egypt” (Dan 11:42) and not against the King of the South. At this point of time in Yahweh’s economy, Egypt is no longer occupied by a foreign power and, therefore, the work of a King of the South has been completed.

However, I believe we should apply the same parameters when we identify the King of the North at “the time of the end” (Dan 11:40). The “him” of this verse has been correctly identified as Turkey, or the power in control of Constantinople (Istanbul). When Yahweh, through Daniel, informs us prophetically that “the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind” and then proceed to invade “the glorious land” or Israel, we have some important factors to consider as occurring before that invasion takes place. Firstly, at what stage will Russia assume the title of the King of the North? Brother Thiele’s article reads, “We believe the Russian power, with its confederates, will assume the designation, “king of the north,” when it shall “push at him” (“him” is the Turkish power in Istanbul) and take control of the ancient territory of “the king of the north” in Syria and the Middle East.” In actual fact I would suggest that Russia must be the King of the North before it “comes against him”, this being Turkey. It is only when Russia is the King of the North that this move against Turkey will take place. When Russia does take Turkey and Constantinople (as the King of the North), she will also become the Dragon Power of Revelation 16 or the Autocrat whose headquarters will be based in the ancient capital of the Roman Empire based in the East.

For Russia then to firstly become the King of the North, she must occupy and control much of the territory of the ancient Seleucid Empire. We know from Ezekiel 38 that Persia or Iran will be amongst the confederate forces of Gog, which would appear to me to suggest an ally as opposed to an occupied territory. However, in Ezekiel 38, both Syria and Babylon (Iraq), who was the great power of Ezekiel’s day are not mentioned in any capacity and certainly not as being part of the confederate nations with Gog. Can this be because both Syria and Babylon (Iraq) will be territory that Russia has occupied, thereby becoming the King of the North? I think so and we may see this before the Lord’s return or it may occur after we have been taken to the judgment seat. Certainly the civil war we are seeing today in both Syria and Iraq may be paving the way for Russia to take over this area, the West having failed to achieve any substance of solving the conflicts. It is interesting to note that the confederation of Middle East nations mentioned with Russia are mainly Shia Muslims, while those with Tarshish (the West) are mainly Sunni Muslims.

Fraternal Regards

Brother Rob McAllister