Dear Brother Carl

Greetings in the One Faith we share.
We are delighted to inform you that there is now a new Central ecclesia in Kaikoura, New Zealand. A group of brothers and sisters from the Old Paths fellowship in Kaikoura made a request to the Christchurch ecclesia to join in fellowship with the Central group of ecclesias.
Delegates from the Christchurch ecclesias had a meeting with them to discuss their request and confirmed agreement with them in doctrine and fellowship. The Christchurch ecclesias are pleased to report that we recognise them in fellowship and have extended them a warm welcome to our fellowship.

The new Central ecclesia in Kaikoura shares the same position on fellowship as the Christchurch and New Zealand ecclesias, which in principle is that we recognise and extend fellowship on the basis of an unreserved acceptance of the BASF as a true definition of Bible Truth. We do not fellowship those who deny any part of this basis; or those who, while accepting it, would receive those so denying.

Many Australian brethren visit New Zealand and if they travel to Kaikoura will now be able to share fellowship with the brethren there.

Your brethren in Christ
For and on behalf of our respective ecclesia,

Steven Jackson (Recorder), Christchurch (Bible Hall)

Chris Yearsley (Recorder), Christchurch West

Paul Herbert (Secretary), Parklands

Dean Cowell (Recorder), Christchurch North Wayne Bates (Recorder), Kaiapoi