The accuracy of the prophetic word is amazing. Only the great Yahweh of the heavens  can “declare the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things not yet done”  (Isa 46:9). Truly there is “none like” Him. The  recent events have demonstrated the accuracy of  the prophetic word; what God predicted through  His prophets is rapidly coming to pass. Daniel, in  Daniel 11:40-45, predicted that the “king of the  north” would move south against “him,” the power  of Turkey. The stage is being set. Putin came to power vowing to re-establish Russia as a “super  power”. This year she has continued to grow in wealth, exporting more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia! Much of that money has gone into arming  Russia. The British Daily Telegraph as far back as  March 2011 described it as the “biggest rearmament  program since the fall of the Soviet Union”. But it  has not stopped there. Last month Putin ordered  “Russia’s biggest military maneuvers since Soviet  times” (Washington Post, July 16). 150,000 troops  and 5000 tanks along with her Pacific fleet and 1300  combat aircraft were employed. Why?

Moscow’s tentacles

The countries that border to the south of Russia fear her military strength, but must also rely upon  trading relationships to bolster their economies. They have therefore formed the Eurasian Economic Union, somewhat similar to the EU except that  Russia is in control! These countries together with  Russia occupy most of the territory of the ancient  “king of the north”.

One of these countries that had not willingly  joined with Russia is Georgia. She remembers  the cruel invasion of her territory that occurred in  August 2008. Russia swept into Georgia during  the time of the Olympic games that year but was  forced to leave by world pressure. However Russia  never properly evacuated Georgia. She retained  two “breakaway states”. Now she has been placing  weaponry there. This, she says, is aimed at Turkey. Needless to say, Georgia fears Russia greatly. She had imagined that the West would come to her aid  after the 2008 Russian occupation. This did not eventuate. Her fear of Russia has therefore grown.  On Nov 7th, 2012, Bidzina Ivanishvili became Prime Minister gaining over 80 percent of the vote. His  party is called the Georgian Dream Party and its aim is to “restore good neighbourly relations with Russia both politically and economically”. If pro– Western Ivanishvili is voted out in October this  year (which now looks almost certain) Georgia will become an ally to Russia and then nothing will stand between Russia and Turkey.

Turkey has become quite vulnerable. She has  become politically unstable. Large protests have  been staged against her government and her Prime  Minister, Mr Erdogan. She has continued to face difficulties with the Kurds on her SE border with  Iraq. This has forced her to maintain a large army  presence there. At the same time 10,000s of refugees  from Syria have been swarming across these borders  every month since the trouble began in Syria. These  refugees are a destabilizing element. Turkey’s fears  are therefore largely to the south, yet Daniel 11:40  shows she needs to be more concerned about the  threat to the north.

Russia has also promised to maintain a significant naval presence not only in the Black Sea based  at Sevastopol but also the Eastern Mediterranean. In March this year Russia staged massive surprise war games in the Black Sea at Putin’s orders. Thirty  naval ships were involved. Spontaneous training exercises such as this are apparently set to become  routine. What does Russia plan?

Brother Thomas stated (Eureka, vol 5, p 185)  that the invasion of Turkey is most likely to happen  before Christ’s return: “Hence we have not  to wait the advance of the Russian Gog against  Constantinople … This will certainly come to pass;  but it will all be consequent upon, not antecedent to, the appearing of Christ in Teman.” If this is true, how long have we got? Not much needs to happen in the near future before Russia could make its first  “grand move” into Turkey. There she must remai  for a time until she controls Europe before she moves south into “the glorious land”.

Must Russia act soon?

On another count, Putin is under pressure; time is running out for Russia if she wants to use oil and gas  as a weapon to resume control of Eastern Europe.

Europe gets a large percentage of its oil and natural gas from Russia and in turn she is very  dependent upon the revenue she gets from these  sales to maintain her economy. In the 1980s she  was forced to give up control of the Warsaw Pact countries (East Europe) when the oil price fell very  low. She could not afford to continue to occupy  these countries any longer. She was so poor that  she could hardly feed her own people and many of  us will remember photos of long queues of people  buying the little food available. We can therefore understand why Putin is so determined to keep  the oil price high when selling the Russian oil and  gas to Europe.

However, only late last year, Ukraine found large quantities of shale oil. Shell Oil swiftly moved in to buy the rights to develop this large Ukrainian field, promising to develop it as swiftly as possible. Then, this year, Ukraine found ‘conventional’ oil which she  hopes to develop within two years. Added to this, Poland believes she also has very large quantities of shale oil. This is yet to be developed, but could dramatically reduce Russia’s oil and gas sales to Europe.

Russia must act soon if she wants to use the oil  and gas weapon to regain hegemony over Eastern  Europe. What is Putin doing? He has already visited  Ukraine and told them they must not join the EU  but must join up with the Russian-led Eurasian  alliance. He wants to prevent Ukraine from selling  oil to her neighbours such as Belarus. Russia has therefore acted swiftly to put economic pressure on  both Ukraine and Belarus.

The world potash market is currently dominated by Russia and Belarus, who supply 40% of the  market. In late August this year, Russia declared she would break the Russian/Belarus trading  partnership. This is expected to bring the price of  potash down by 25%, seriously hurting the Belarus economy. Belarus gains 7% of its revenue from these sales and can ill afford to sell at this price. This would  hurt Russia too but she wishes gain increased leverage  over Belarus.

It has not stopped there. There are reports of  Russia putting economic pressure also on Moldavia,  Montenegro and Armenia to the south east. Where  will it end? We know from Scripture and our writings on prophecy in Elpis Israel and Eureka. What  a blessing we have in this unstable world.

Economic reasons for Russia to take Syria, Israel and Egypt

Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38 agree that when Russia invades the Middle East they come down for “silver and gold”. Brother Thomas wrote in Elpis Israel, “The prosperity of Egypt and Judea will tempt him  (Gog) to seize them for himself … He will have  proclaimed war against the east; and at the head of  his vassal kings and their armies have invaded Syria  … Having over-run Syria and Persia, he will invade  Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia. For it is written, ‘He shall  stretch his hand also upon the countries, and the land  of Egypt shall not escape. But he shall have power  over the treasures of gold, and of silver, and over all  the precious things of Egypt’”(14th edition, p420).

Syria has found oil and gas fields also. There appears to be, however, no company that is prepared to exploit these fields in the light of the chaos reigning  in Syria. That is certainly not true in Israel. Gazprom  and Woodside, along with other companies, have vied for part of the action to develop the massive off shore Leviathan field. The smaller Tamar field just off Haifa has now been developed and is currently  providing Israel with much of her gas. She is now no longer dependent on the unreliable gas supplies from Egypt. Jordan also receives gas supplies by pipeline from Egypt. These pipelines are often attacked and  blown up as was the case with the pipelines to Israel.  Jordan also has had enough and she has approached Israel, seeking to buy gas from Israel’s Tamar field,  knowing the supply will be reliable.

Egypt, however, continues to find more and  more oil and gas. American, British and Australian  companies have been making large finds in Egypt.  In 2010 it was reported that 6% of all oil finds in  Arab OPEC countries over the last 5 years were  in Egypt! It has continued and in August, Beach  Petroleum, a South Australian based company,  found another fairly large field west of Cairo.

The most exciting fulfillment of Scripture, however,  is the large deposits of gold found in Egypt.  Centamin, an Australian company has been mining  a rich deposit at Sukari east of the Nile. SWM Gold,  a Moscow based company has found rich deposits  yielding over 230gms per ton (a deposit yielding 3  or 4gms a ton is usually considered economic. These  deposits are over 50x richer). How precise is the  Word of God! Russia comes down also for “gold”.

Chaos in Egypt

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood has been removed  from power, Egypt remains in chaos. The  protests continue, led now by the Muslims. The  army has ordered the protestors to leave and hundreds  have died in the fighting that has followed.  This is again precisely as we would have expected.  Isaiah 19 states that before Egypt falls to the  Russian invader, a “cruel lord; and a fierce king” (v4),  the nation will be in chaos: “And they shall fight  everyone against his brother, and everyone against  his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against  kingdom” (v2).

Egypt may not be able to manage these gold  mines properly, so providing Russia with a pretext  to invade and so gain the full rewards of her finds.

Jordan fears she might be taken over

King Abdullah of Jorden went to Britain, saw Prime  Minister Cameron and then went to the USA to  see President Obama. His message was the same. Jordan is in danger of being taken over by the Syrian  refugees swarming across Jordan’s borders in search  of safety. These mainly Sunni Arabs are joining  up with the Palestinians who came into Jordan  from Israel after the Six Day War. Together they  could easily take over Jordan. One report claimed  the king was in tears as he appealed to President  Obama. President Obama promised him support. Already 1,200 US troops have entered Jordan with  their tanks, and up to 20,000 troops might come if needed.

This again is precisely as we would expect. Daniel 11:41 speaks of the region of Jordan, “Edom,  and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon,”  escaping out of the hands of the king of the north as  he and his forces move south into Israel and Egypt.  This we expect to be due to the fact that the region will be occupied by “the merchants of Tarshish and  the young lions thereof ” (Ezek 38:13). The USA  and Britain have both indicated they are prepared  to help Jordan just as they are doing now. This is of  course not surprising as King Abdullah of Jordan  is very pro-British. He is, after all, half-British, his mother, Princess Muna, having been born in  Suffolk, UK.

As we look back over these events there can be  no shadow of doubt that the Scriptures are inspired. Who would have imagined a few years ago that  these oil and gold finds would be made and these  political events have come to pass. How blessed  we are to have the inspired Word to guide us and  reassure us. But above all it shows that the time is  short and that we need to take the Truth seriously and worship God with all our heart, soul and might.