The days are quickly flying here at Christadelphian Heritage College in Brantford, Ontario as we wait for our Lord’s return, and what a happy place to wait, for God has greatly blessed our school.

We are five months into our fourth year, and our school continues to expand and grow under the guiding hand of our heavenly Father. We welcome several new families who moved into the Brantford area from points out West, so that their children can attend CHC. We now have forty-four eager young learners and a staff of dedicated, capable teachers, volunteers, parents and grandparents that love each other and share the same goals of nurturing a godly seed. While many long hours of preparation, thought and prayer are devoted to this work by our staff and helpers, we give God the glory for our success, knowing that “except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it”.

Our goal this year, as in the past, is to train young minds to learn not only academics but also what they need to become a godly seed to the glory of our heavenly Father. We cover the academic material completely and thoroughly, but because our goal is to see our sons and daughters blessed with places in God’s coming kingdom, we try to maintain a spiritual atmosphere as well. We work at modeling Christ-like behaviour and encouraging our students to model it. This is supported by emphasizing the power of God’s Word in our opening devotion, a special Bible class later in the day, and working it into the academic curriculum whenever we can.

Our sports program is in full swing. The students have completed a series of swimming lessons and gymnastics, and are currently enjoying weekly ice skating. We were pleased to participate in an inter-school Cross Country Track Meet, held back in October. All the students were very enthusiastic and excited to be involved in the Track Meet, and everyone ran their best. It was a good experience for all involved.

For the past two years CHC has adopted a theme for the school year, for the purpose of character development and further understanding of God’s principles and statutes for godly living. In past years we have used The Fruits of the Spirit, and The Armour of God, and this year we are adopting The Beatitudes. The benefits of following a theme with whole school are plenteous. It fosters a unity of spirit among the students and teachers, and by focusing on a theme for an entire year it helps the students to remember vividly the principles and lessons from the theme topic. The Beatitudes has so far been a wonderful theme for CHC, allowing the students to more fully understand what it means to be poor in spirit, meek, pure in heart, etc.

Again, we thank our heavenly Father for the opportunity to provide our children, His heritage, with a healthy environment to grow and learn.