The Royal Adelaide Show provides the longest continuous activity in which the Suburban Ecclesias can engage to preach the Truth. Over a period of nine days our Stand for the Truth was manned by brethren and sisters continuously for 13 hours a day.

This year the theme of the Stand centered around Earthquakes. The devastation that the world has experienced through earthquake, particularly in recent times, was graphically portrayed through:

Enlarged colour photographs taken from Time Magazine, showing amazing scenes of massive freeways tipped on their sides and buildings which had collapsed like a pack of cards;
A graph which extended almost the full length of the stand showing the dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes experienced since around the beginning of this century;
Laminated geophysical maps and data on earthquakes from authoritative sources throughout the world;
A continuously running video, featuring excerpts from news bulletins and other documents, which was especially created for the Stand.
The display of this information and material caused countless people to stop and look at what we had to show. This created many opportunities to discuss the earthquake described in Zechariah 14, the effects of which were displayed on a map of the area immediately around Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea.

A highlight of the Stand this year was the “show bag” that proved to be extremely popular. Over 8,000 bags were taken, containing:

The Earthquake Herald, with an insert showing the most recent figures on the incidence of earthquakes throughout the world;
A brochure advertising the common lecture presented on Sunday, 10 September, “The Earthquake that will Change the World”;
A Brochure advertising the seminars on “Reading the Bible Effectively”, which commenced on Tuesday, 12 September in a number of centres across the metropolitan area;
A map of the world showing the epicentres of earthquakes throughout the world, which could be built into a model.
In addition 2,000 separate issues of the Earthquake Herald were taken from the stand with the update insert. Overall, including Heralds on other subjects, almost 35,000 pieces of literature have been distributed from the Stand this year. The volume of material distributed far exceeded the expectations of the committee and a number of reprints of the material for the “show bags” had to be arranged throughout the show week.

The use of the “show bag” concept, especially the model, enabled us to engage people passing by the Stand much more easily than in previous years. Several completed models were on display and these tended to automatically draw children to our Stand. This enabled the brethren and sisters to speak to the parents who were with the children.

Although the encounters were mainly brief, the fact that almost all were pleasant may encourage yet more to consider the message. There were, of course, a number of long conversations by thinking men and women who were concerned about the potential for an earthquake closer to home, some of whom had friends and relatives who experienced the effects of the Newcastle (NSW) earthquake of recent times.

The Show Committee is very grateful for the time and effort that went into the development of the Stand and the many brethren and sisters who acted as attendants over the duration of the Show. Our prayer is that the work to which we have put our hand will be blessed by Yahweh, so that they might be spared the consequences of the coming earthquake and enter into “the rest” of the Kingdom.