When the apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonians about a “falling away” from the faith, he indicated that one of the greatest characteristics of the apostate system would be its deception (2 Thess 2:8–10) It appears in fact that he is explaining Daniel’s prophecy, where this system is said to use deceit and falsehood in its rise to power (8:23–25; 11:36–39). Because this apostate Catholic Church would continue to “prosper” until Christ returns, Revelation then describes how the Papacy deceives many even until the end (Rev 13:13–14; 18:23). This woman Jezebel hasn’t changed and today we see her preparing to ride the European Beast.

One of the greatest struggles for the “Church” since the French Revolution has been to mould itself with the democratic political powers of Europe. In the feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s image are found iron and clay; iron representing the Roman remains mixing uneasily with what is described as “the seed of men”, that is Democracy (Dan 2:43). The clay in the feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s image represents the frog spirit of Revelation 16:13. Traditionally this democratic power has been hostile to the Church, particularly since the French Revolution of 1789. At this time, the democratic powers “hated the whore, and made her desolate” (Rev 17:16). The clay in effect was hostile to the iron.

But what are we seeing today? The uneasy mix of iron and clay, where the Church is now using this French democratic power to her own advantage. It is a frog spirit coming from the mouth of the False Prophet (Rev 16:13). Church and State are now working together. Jacques Chirac, as leader of France, is strongly backed by the Vatican, and this has raised many concerns even within France itself. The Papacy is seen here “committing fornication” with “the kings of the earth” (Rev 17:2), that her long term goals may be accomplished. This was also seen recently in the Pope’s visit to Sarajevo (The European 17.4.97).

An Independent Catholic Europe

 In his recent memoir, “I Wanted German Unity”, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl writes: “One cannot create something oneself; one can only wait until one hears the footsteps of God echoing through events and then hang on to his coat tails” (The European 24.10.96). Little does Kohl, who is a fervent Catholic, know the real purpose of God in bringing Europe together: “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast…” (Rev 17:17).

Although there is always instability and uncertainty about Europe’s future, particularly with regard to Monetary Union, the European project continues on regardless: “If the EU… develops common defence, foreign and social policies, it will become, recognisably, a United States of Europe. If there is a USE, it will become a superpower. And then the whole world is changed…” (Newsweek 29.1.97). Germany is the strength behind Europe today as it was in the Holy Roman Empire. Mr Kohl’s heir apparent, Wolfgang Schauble says: “Economic and monetary union is a huge step on the way to political union. And the next advances must come in the fields of internal security, common foreign and security policy, and institutional reform. You’ll see that the European train will keep moving quickly” (Newsweek 29.1.97).

The EU also continues to become more independent from the United States. Now France is a member of NATO, they continue pressing for a purely European defence wing within NATO. Also, the Europeans can now even use NATO military hardware when the US does not want to be involved in a crisis: “Events in recent weeks have shown how European leaders are keen to develop, either individually or in concert, a presence in world affairs separate from that of Washington… Germany is also proposing the appointment of a Europewide foreign and security supremo who would, in (Germany’s Foreign minister) Kinkel’s words, ‘sit in Brussels like a spider in a web’… The object is to enable a European force to conduct its own operations using NATO assets if the Americans do not or cannot be involved” (The Australian 2.12.96).

 Consider the ramifications! What happens if the US changes its mind in a crisis? A senior NATO source said, “We haven’t yet solved the problem of what would happen if we went into an operation that went sour and the US said it wanted its equipment back” (The European 6.6.96). The US have been tricked by Jacques Chirac into handing him their military might on a plate! No wonder the Russians agree. The US know this is a real problem, but they falsely reassure themselves by thinking they would always agree with the Europeans. How ironic if the invading force at Armageddon actually uses American military hardware to decimate Israel. This may sound far-fetched but it is exactly the situation at present. Would there ever have been a greater deception in all history? Remember that Chirac is strongly backed by the Vatican, having received from the Vatican last year its highest pontifical order, the Supreme Order of Christ. Revelation 18:23 indicates it is not unreasonable to suggest that whole nations may be deceived by Babylon’s wine.

The US is continuing to forge ahead with plans to bring Russia into the European family. American National Security adviser, Mr Sandy Berger, said that the first priority of Mr Clinton’s new foreign policy team would be “building perhaps for the first time a democratic and united Europe around an expanded NATO and a partnership with Russia” (The Australian 10.12.96). America’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright echoes these sentiments: “We recognise that Europe cannot finally be whole and free until a democratic Russia is fully part of Europe” (The Economist 15.2.97). Prominent Russian presidential candidate, Alexander Lebed, agrees. The US are actually encouraging the building of a European super-state. They are lulled into a false sense of security that if they can unite Russia with Europe then it will be the solution to all their problems! This is despite predictions by many such as Israel’s Minister for Industry and Trade, Mr Natan Sharansky, that “Russia will rise again as a superpower” (The Australian 8.2.96).

 Consider the way in which this united Russian- European confederacy gains her power: “By his cunning will he both cause deceit to succeed in his hand, and in his own heart will he shew himself to be great, and by their careless security will he destroy many… ” (Dan 8:25, Roth).

Jesuits and Jerusalem

 With Pope John Paul II in bad health, press speculation about a successor is rife. It is widely expected that the next Pope will be from the exclusive priestly order of the Jesuits. The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) were instigated 400 years ago during the Counter- Reformation to eradicate Protestantism by the sword, but more so by infiltrating and undermining Protestantism from within. Never has there been a Jesuit Pope. The Jesuits have again risen to prominence under Pope John Paul II. One such Jesuit is Cardinal Carlo Martini, known in Rome as “the Pope in waiting”. He is a radical humanist whose frog-spirit philosophies are received with fanatical support from young people in Italy. His diocese is the largest in Europe with 1000 parishes and 2000 priests; he is ecumenical and is a spell-binding speaker. He says, “People are looking for a key, a solution. I think that never was society nearer to God than now, even if it doesn’t know God’s name” (The Australian 16.8.96). Consider Martini’s views on Jerusalem: “My real dream is to end my days in Jerusalem… My theme is Jerusalem, not Rome” (The Australian, 1.8.96).

 The Pope is also taking a strong interest in the struggle for Jerusalem: “The Vatican has long shown a strong interest in Middle East peace, especially the still-to-be-decided question of Jerusalem with its Holy Sites. The Pope met Palestinian leader Mr Arafat, earlier this month… ” (The Australian 27.2.97) “The Pope weighed into the debate at the weekend, criticising Israel for taking the decision that could ‘seriously harm’ the peace process(The Australian 11.3.97).

Never before have we seen such interest in Jerusalem’s status from Europe and the Papacy. The US recently vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution pushed by the EU describing Israel’s development in East Jerusalem as illegal. The EU, and particularly France, continues to strongly support the Palestinians in the peace process. As discussed in the last issue of The Lampstand, the tough stance by Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu over Jerusalem continues. Headlines such as “Israel Defies World” and “Jerusalem The Stumbling Block To Peace” are now commonplace.

Jesuit influence today

 The recent prominence of the Jesuits should not be taken lightly. Just consider how influential the Jesuits were during the Counter-Reformation. In fact they were so successful, that Adolph Hitler formed the Nazi SS based on the structure and ritual of the Jesuits: “So close were some of the parallels between the Society of Jesus and Himmler’s SS that Hitler called Himmler ‘my Ignatius Loyola’, after the Society’s founder” (Gordon Williamson, The SS—Hitler’s Instrument of Death, 1994).

Even in Australia today, we need to be aware of the Jesuits’ historic influence. Their 400 year aim has been to neutralise Protestantism by eradicating their protest against the Papacy. We see today the ecumenical movement with its tentacles protruding into every facet of Protestantism. The divisions caused by women priests and homosexuals in the church are eroding Protestantism from within. The attractiveness of Pentecostal style music and the power of emotionalism pose a great threat to our young people. Jesuit interpretations of Revelation (futurist and preterist theories) have deceived the Protestant world. It all amounts to the harlot daughters coming back to the mother, and the merging of Christendom into one big family.

Recently, The European’s Peter Millar summed up the victory of Catholicism in Europe today: “It is one of the ironies of religious and moral history that what began as an attempt to restore the true meaning of religious faith ended up by irrevocably weakening it. The early fathers of Protestantism would have been horrified to know that today their churches are nearly empty while those who kept faith with Rome are often nearly full” (The European 19.12.96).

Will Russia acknowledge Rome?

 A Vatican scandal which came out into the open last year revealed “money laundering, and trafficking in treasury certificates, gold, precious stones and arms worth $2.5 billion” (The European, June 1996). The prime suspects were Ricard Maria Carles, Archbishop of Barcelona and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party. The Archbishop is linked with the laundering of $82 million through the Vatican bank and Zhirinovsky with trafficking arms and nuclear materials (The Australian 3.6.96). Although maybe not a significant event in itself, we see here the potential influence the Papacy has, even with Russia.

Daniel 11:36–39, in explaining chapter 8, indicates that Gog will occupy Constantinople at the time of the end and, as with Constantine and his successors, he will “acknowledge and increase with glory” the Roman bishop. Revelation also indicates that the emperor in Constantinople would become pro-Catholic and give power to Western Europe (13:4). Likewise in Revelation 16:13–16 we have the dragon and the false prophet speaking with one voice, gathering the nations to Armageddon. All the prophecies of the latter days indicate an east-west dominion, a revival of the Greco-Roman empire. This is why we are so excited to see continued moves for an alliance between the Eastern Orthodox Church and Rome. In fact, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Istanbul says that there are “great expectations” for reconciliation with Rome and that the Church needs “a foot in both worlds”, that is, east and west (Time 12.5.97). This is why Brother Thomas so often refers to the Russian Latino-Greek Confederacy. Consider the following:

“The revived church also wields critical influence in an area once unthinkable: the Russian war machine. The chief arms exporting agency, Rosvooruzheniye, has donated $235,000 towards the construction of Christ the Savior Cathedral, and for his part Aleksy (head of Russian Church) has introduced military priests into regiments. Blessings of jet fighters and barracks have become almost routine. In November, in Moscow’s Danilovsky Monastery, the seat of the Russian Patriarchate, the church went so far as to consecrate Russia’s nuclear arsenal. Expressing his approval, General Vladimir Shatokhin told the liberal daily Segodnya: ‘The Americans call our SS-18 rockets Satan, but for us they are guardian angels.’ When soldiers get religion, wars get unholier than ever… ” (Time 12.5.97).

The Controversy of Zion

 The final phase of the ten-horned Roman Beast will be just as “dreadful and terrible” as in past times. Daniel 12:1 indicates that this Russo-European empire will be even worse than the Papal-inspired Nazi beast of 1939 and Holy Roman Empire which preceded it. The victorious Papal false prophet with its lamb-like appearance will again “speak as a dragon”. The Magogian despot in Constantinople will again restore Byzantium’s former glory. With Protestantism finally neutralised, the emperor Gog acknowledging the “strange god” in Rome, and with the rebellious Jewish state finally overrun, the victory of the Jesuits will be complete. With the Russian daughter of the Apocalyptic Jezebel ruling Europe with a rod of iron, the restored empire of Christendom will fulfil Adolph Hitler’s final words in 1945: “Centuries may pass away, but out of the ruins of our towns and monuments, hatred will grow against those finally responsible for everything, International Jewry and its helpers…”.

 The Saints will be the ultimate helpers of Jewry in “the day of Yahweh’s vengeance, and the year of recompenses for the controversy of Zion” (Isa 34:8). The perfected Saints will be well qualified to overcome the serpent power of Christendom because they have overcome the serpent in their own lives previously. Upon the overthrow of Gog, the perfected multitude will go forth with him who is called “faithful and true” (Rev 3:14; 19:11) to eradicate the Laodicean Apostacy, “for he is Lord of Lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful” (17:14). Among these will be the persecuted saints of past ages whose prayers have been heard by God (Rev 6:9–11; 8:3–5).

After 1700 years of Papal supremacy, brutality and evil, Yahweh shall “swallow up death in victory; and the Lord Yahweh will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of His people shall He take away from off all the earth: for Yahweh hath spoken it” (Isa 25:8).