by Randall Harris; Edited by Dr Scott Zarcinas; Subtitle: How Science Disproves Evolution

The subtitle declares the purpose of this significant and unique book.

Beset by the challenge of evolutionary thought, the writer put in 15 years of careful work and analysis. In his own words:

“However, when I examined the layout and operation of the universe, it became apparent that the current theories surrounding its explosive emergence from the Big Bang are contradictory and even, in some circumstances, scientifically impossible. The conflicting theories bothered me so much that I decided to find out what science actually knows and what the latest scientific minds had to say on life, the universe and everything. That was fifteen years ago; and I was completely dumbfounded by what I learned. At best, the scientific theories on evolution are speculation, not facts. Worse, science itself has disproven every Theory of Evolution to date. Yet, these theories are still taught to our children as fundamental truths and the media still presents them as if they are facts.

Subsequently, there was only one course of action for me to follow. I set about collating all the scientific information that’s available in order for you to know and understand what science has put on the table and what they really think behind closed laboratory doors. You have the right to know the scientific truth and, like me, while it may be disturbing to learn that all of us—you, me and the rest of the world—have been misinformed; the truth is actually very comforting.” Page xvii, paragraphs 2 & 3.

The great questions of life, existence, the solar system, the universe, he had assessed to be true as told by science, with its concept of the Big Bang that was the cause of all the solar system and thence of life and every living thing upon earth.

Fifteen years of investigation on all these subjects convinced him that:

a) the self-creation of these bodies and creatures were simply not true, nor even possible; and

b) the Scientific world is very much aware that this gap exists and that it is growing in some modern institutions, even though this is rarely mentioned outside the world of scientific research.

Randall Harris has provided a mass of critical information, taken from every main branch of scientific research.

Not in any incident of life past or present do the theories and hypothesis of evolution fit the known circumstantial facts. The vast complexity of all living creatures or plants do not allow chance to be the causal factor; nor can “everything come from nothing”.

This book is comprehensive; with 500 pages it is a great resource of powerful yet reasonable material. The organisation of such massive numbers of species and bodies is truly a great achievement but through it all the principal purpose is central in the commentary.

His clarity of expression means this work will be readily comprehended by many and appreciated. If life could not have come from nothing then the only option is that it came from a Creator: this is the rationale of Evolution Unraveled.

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