The only way to describe this book is it is a ‘must read’! I don’t say that lightly, however it is a long time since I have sat down and read a book from cover to cover in one sitting.

This is the fourth book written by Anna Tikvah and it is written in her usual style of a good storyline intertwined with a compelling and in-depth appeal for the readers to consider their position in life as people who are living in the last days.

The book is based on the lives of two teenage boys, Jake and Zach, who are in their final year of school and are faced with making choices as to which way their lives are going. The boys make decisions in life which put them in direct conflict with the Truth. Some of the people who are in influential in their life support their decisions, whilst others don’t. What none of them know is that in eleven weeks time, this life will be over and they will be called to appear before the judgment seat of Christ.

The storyline is soul searching. Like all of us, the twins are all too familiar with what to expect at the time of the end, but the question is, How does it affect us personally? Does it really encourage us to consider our ways, or do we take the attitude of thinking there is always tomorrow to refocus our lives … only to find out that tomorrow is too late?

The book closes with the judgment seat of Christ and the verdict from the judge. It is very sobering and thought-provoking to see how decisions we make in our life not only affect our own salvation, but also the salvation of those around us. Our decisions can make a huge difference in other people’s lives, for better or worse.

Whilst this series of books is primarily aimed at helping teenagers deal with the decisions that they confront in making life choices, it is highly recommended to all brothers and sisters who find they are constantly bombarded by the world around them and all it has to offer, and who want motivation to help them refocus in their walk.

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