It was an exciting time within the North American ecclesial community when we first reported that the Christadelphian Heritage School (CHS) began its first year of operation on September 7, 2004. We are now in the second year of operation and grateful to our heavenly Father for the continued stability of the school. The school continues to operate out of the Simi Hills Ecclesial Hall due to the generosity of its members. It operates totally through the dedication and commitment of volunteers. The school, while small with its 17 pupils, is a place of much love and enthusiasm.

The School Council and voluntary committees are comprised of ecclesial members from every walk of life, including teachers and other professionals. The three ecclesias who have children currently attending the School are Simi Hills, Reseda, and Thousand Oaks. The volunteer teaching staff has extensive experience in teaching, ranging from five years to thirty plus years in quality education. Teachers include those that are certified school district teachers, home school parents, and Sunday School teachers. They provide daily instruction, guidance, and support, as well as manage the learning process and staff development at each grade level. Recently, two volunteer teachers joined us from Great Britain and Canada to assist with the work here.

A well-rounded prospectus, set soundly upon Biblical precepts, enriched with extra-curricular activities, group outings and field trips, are all included at CHS. Working together, the small student to teacher ratio ensures that our children receive personal attention and an education of the highest caliber. We will have the ability of working closely with each student, enabling them to learn at their own pace. With such a personalized education, our students are able to achieve their individual academic potential that will meet or exceed State of California Education Standards. The results have been most positive both in spiritual and secular subject matter.

The governing principle and underlying educational tone of CHS continues to be grounded in the provision of quality education within a Biblical context. Of the utmost importance is that our children will be in a safe learning environment where their best interests and their individual progress are paramount. For CHS, God’s word is the measure of all things, the scale on which to weigh all issues of life; His teachings and His way are the foundation of our education, true knowledge and life everlasting.