Commentators on the recent Australian Parliamentary election result said that it was “another miracle in the line of Brexit and Trump.” Students of Bible prophecy would not have disagreed, but from an entirely different perspective. “Against all odds” was another description.

These events, particularly Brexit, have sharpened our appreciation of the prophetic Word of God. As far back as the late 1960s there was much discussion within the brotherhood about the import of the new Treaty of Rome – as Britain was considering joining what they considered then to be merely a trading bloc. Interestingly, it was signed into existence in the city of Rome. The brethren at that time were perplexed, as they knew something else other than trade was afoot.

After two attempts Britain did finally join in January 1973, with the government of the day being less than open about the ramifications of membership. That fact is acknowledged today.

Historically, Britain was never part of the Holy Roman Empire. Britain was a trading power in its own right, with an Empire attached – a situation which fits the description of Tarshish and the young lions. Longer term, Britain does not fit in with those who make war with the Lamb in Revelation 17:12-14.

Hence, our brethren at the time clearly stated that if Britain joined, she would eventually come out, and as a sorrier nation for having done so too. Well, sorry they have been, indeed. The ‘mother’ of western democracy has been a shambles in the three years following the Brexit referendum in July 2016 – and that, after being an uncomfortable member for much of that time. Initially, Margaret Thatcher became Eurosceptic and said so in her emphatic way. The populace was beginning to wake up to their roots and destiny. Importantly, they never joined the monetary union on 1 January, 1999. They kept the pound sterling – and the rest is history, as they say.

But 47 years is a long time. We have had to wait for God’s good time. After the 1967 capture of Jerusalem we have tended to become impatient. But of course we have had to learn to trust that the Almighty’s timescale is always not only right, but spot on – even to the day. In the resurrection, our earlier brethren will ask us what 31 January 2020 was like – did we remember their earlier declarations based on Scripture? Exciting times to come!

The new British PM has attracted much publicity since taking over the leadership with his “slashing rhetoric at the dispatch box” in parliament as the Daily Express described his “masterful” first speech. “Cometh the hour cometh the man” is a description that seems to fit Boris Johnson’s person. Interestingly, his mentor is Winston Churchill (you can read his book, published in 2014 called The Churchill Factor) and also of note is his Jewish heritage.

But, there has been another individual who has been preparing the populace of Britain for leaving Europe: Nigel Farage. For 27 years he has travelled and lectured throughout the country. He was an elected member of the European Parliament in Brussels since 1999. No mean feat, that. Several of us went to hear him speak in Darling Harbour (NSW) in November 2018. He knew his subject all right, and the audience of around 600 showed much appreciation for his message.

Of importance to us was his description of his heritage. His family were refugees from the south of France (“Farage” is a French name), who fled the Germans in 1940 and were welcomed into England and stayed. “Our roots,” he said, were “that we were burned at the stake.” He didn’t have to add, then, that they were Protestant Huguenots – part of the political witness in Revelation 11:3.

A fitting character then, you see, to achieve the purpose of galvanising Brexit opinion in England. He also withdrew members of his own Brexit Party so that Boris could attain a sufficient majority. In contrast to the prediction of there being a knife-edge result, Farage predicted a 40 seat majority. But God knew best and He doubled it to 80. But wait, there’s more. At the same time as they quit Europe, he gave a press conference which included these words: “Brexit is the biggest thing to hit the UK since the English Reformation…what it means for us, for our place in the world, it is probably the most important thing since Henry VIII took us out of the church of Rome…and we are leaving the Treaty of Rome. There is no going back from this.”

He had tolerated much opposition in the European Parliament because he didn’t ‘fit in’. And what about that prominent EU parliamentarian who, in 2018, declared, “we all know that the only way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the European Union and to the European institutions.” They reflect the sentiments of Revelation 17:13: “These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength to the Beast.”

We are indeed privileged to live in amazing times, for indeed “now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed.” Keep watching, everyone.

“Lord, increase our faith.”