Boris Johnson: A ‘passionate Zionist’

Watchman | by | Volume 25, Issue 5 | September - October 2019

Boris Johnson has been named the new British Prime Minister after winning the Conservative Party leadership contest against Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. He won the contest with more than 92,000 votes compared to 46,656 for Mr Hunt, drawn from the nearly 160,000 Conservative Party members from around the country. New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wasted no time making his mark on government, with 17 cabinet ministers changing on his first day in power—dubbed by the media as the “night of the blond knives”. In a stirring first speech, Mr Johnson rubbished Britain’s “doubters, doomsters and gloomsters” and said he would “crack” Brexit within 99 days before leaving the European Union on October 31 “no ifs or buts”. Here is an article that appeared in ‘The Australian Jewish News’ on July 25, 2019 outlining the new Prime Minister’s view of Israel.

BORIS Johnson has said he is “prepared” to restart sanctions against Tehran.
The new British Prime Minister’s comments came in an interview earlier this month with the UK Jewish News, during which he vowed to pursue Palestinian leaders over their policy of paying salaries to terrorist…

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