Barnabas – Son of Consolation

Miscellaneous | by | Volume 28, Issue 6 | November - December 2022

It’s perhaps an understatement to say we live in disruptive times, and it can leave us feeling fatigued and even numb. Let’s spare a thought for our first century brothers and sisters, whose families were torn apart by men like Saul after the death of Stephen (Acts 11:19). We can imagine them fleeing in the night from Jerusalem, having had a father or mother or uncle or aunt brutally murdered or imprisoned. How distressing it would be to have to leave their lives behind: fleeing from their homes, schools, local markets and all the places that were familiar and comforting to them. Many travelled with what few possessions they could carry to places as far as Antioch in Syria and beyond. Antioch lay around 500km north of Jerusalem, some 2-3 weeks journey on foot. In these new places, these believers and their families would try to shape a new life. What a disruptive time for these Christians!

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