It has long been recognised as a vitally important part of our ecclesial and family activities, that we need to take every opportunity to educate and encourage our children and young people in those eternal principles that will prepare them to become a vibrant part of the Family of God. The apostle Paul exhorts parents to “bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Eph 6:4). Our Special Feature in this issue of “The Lampstand” focuses particularly on the theme of “The Education of Children” and contains valuable advice and exhortation for readers of all ages.

The proposal to commence a Christadelphian Primary School in the Adelaide Metropolitan area, must surely be one of the most adventurous projects undertaken by ecclesias in this State. The school project has been undertaken in faith, with prayer that our Heavenly Father will bless and prosper the work to the ultimate glory of His Name. It is freely acknowledged that “Unless Yahweh build the house, they labour in vain that build it” (Psalm 127:1). Whilst this is an essential prerequisite for success, it is also essential that the work of the school (as with all other ecclesial activities involving our children and young people) must be supplemented by the home. The following pages address a wide range of issues affecting the lives of our families and young people and especially the school environment. We would encourage all readers to give these articles and news items their most serious consideration.

In Our Heritage we are taken back exactly one hundred years to read the advice of Sister Jannaway found in The Christadelphian for 1895. Circumstances may have changed, but her advice regarding “The Education of Children” is based on eternal principles which are equally as appropriate today.

As part of the work of supplementing the education of our children in the home, the Family Bible Project is a most exciting and interesting one. It suggests ways of transferring the excellent explanation of the structure of the Temple of Ezekiel’s Prophecy contained in Cameos of the Kingdom, into our own Bibles. Every effort has been made to make this as interesting and practical as possible.

Added to this, our Special Feature—Educating our Children contains the following items of news and articles of interest.

  • Our Primary School—announcing the school name and appointed teaching staff. It also includes colour photographs displaying the school uniforms.
  • Christadelphian School—Curriculum Framework. Whilst conforming to the legal requirements of the South Australian Education Department, the curriculum will be taught in a way that provides wonderful opportunities to relate most topics to the Bible. We should all find this interesting reading.
  • Instructing our Children is a short article reinforcing the need to see the home, the school and the ecclesia as working in harmony to achieve the same end result.
  • Dangers of the Present School System is a startling revelation of the insidious ways in which Humanism is being progressively introduced into the State School system. This is “essential reading” for every parent!

As well as this Special Feature, we have included a report and summary of our recent Combined Weekend including a centre spread colour group photo and the usual articles and items of inter-ecclesial and ecclesial news.

We trust that it will help us all in our walk together to the Kingdom, “Endeavouring to Keep the Unity of the Spirit in the Bonds of Peace”.