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  • Walking in Holiness Today (2)

    Walking in Holiness Today (2)

    Following on from our first article on holiness we began by asking the question: What do we know about the Father’s holiness? When we talk about Yahweh’s holiness, we are in fact talking about His […]

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  • “Whosoever Shall Call on the Name… ”

    In this article we shall focus on the above quotation from Joel 2:32. Like the Old Testament references considered in the last three issues of The Lampstand, this quotation also deals with the important matter […]

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  • Father Glorify Thy Name

    The Day of Atonement  The regulations concerning the Day of Atonement under the law of Moses are given in Leviticus chapter 16. This chapter begins with a remembrance of the death of the two sons […]

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