The artist

Sister Jean Galbraith had very little formal education; she left school at 14 years old. When she was 16, she met Mr H.B. Williamson through the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria. In Jean’s words: “He (Mr. Williamson) asked if I … Read more “The artist”

The Number of Israelites Who Left Egypt

In the last issue we considered one of the examples of apparent discrepancy in Bible numbers. Another issue where some suggest the numbers don’t add up is the number of Israelites who left Egypt to embark on the exodus to
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The Source of Anti-Semitism

Constantine the Great was the Son of Emperor Constantius and began his own reign in the year A.D. 306, his capital established in the city of York, North England and strategically positioned to maintain the border with the “pesky Scots”. … Read more “The Source of Anti-Semitism”

Israel, a Land of Olive Oil

Israel is described in the Bible as “a land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of oil olive, and honey” (Deut 8:8). Indeed, olive trees were well established in the land before the … Read more “Israel, a Land of Olive Oil”

Good Enough is Not Good Enough

Recently we visited Bro Bill Robinson in the Brantford, Ontario hospital. He had suffered a massive stroke and is partially paralysed. He has difficulty speaking but we were able to visit, discussing happier times and the glorious hope we share. … Read more “Good Enough is Not Good Enough”

The Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies

We continue to examine the lies collated by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre that are commonly presented by Israel’s opponents.

Lie # 8

Israeli policies are the cause of worldwide anti-Semitism. Simon Wiesenthal Centre response

From the Inquisition to the pogroms … Read more “The Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies”

The Kings of the North and South Create Their Alliances

Events in the past two months on many fronts have shown that Yahweh is continuing to work amongst the nations, providing us the necessary reassurance that the day of the coming of the Lord is near.

We have seen the … Read more “The Kings of the North and South Create Their Alliances”

Lessons From the Lives of Two Faithful Benjamites

As a way of focusing on our Lord Jesus Christ and his love and self-sacrifice for us, let us consider two faithful Benjamites. Both were mighty men in their time but were cut off in their prime. Though this pair … Read more “Lessons From the Lives of Two Faithful Benjamites”

The Finger of God

We are ending this brief review of some of the wonders in the world around us with an appeal. We have looked at a range of topics from the plant and animal world, each of which points to intelligence rather … Read more “The Finger of God”

Israel’s Increasing Isolation

Relevant Bible passages:

  • “Thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb,  and a byword” (Deuteronomy 28v37).
  • “Thy lovers will despise thee” (Jer 4:30).
  • “It is even the time of Jacob’s trouble … Th ere is  none to plead thy cause …
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The Judgement Seat

Part 1 of this article by Brother Roberts considered the role of Christ as Saviour and Destroyer and the dispensations under which both roles are played out and the present disposition of the saints. This second part continues the theme … Read more “The Judgement Seat”

The Weak and the Strong – The Path to Harmony

Whatever we might think about Romans chapter 14, it’s clear that Paul has written a masterpiece. He delicately treads the treacherous middle ground, doggedly flanked on the one hand by “the weak”, and carefully watched by “the strong” from the … Read more “The Weak and the Strong – The Path to Harmony”

The Sign of His Coming

This book is an extensive review of the prophecies  concerning the latter day resurrection  of the nation of Israel. It is 160 pages in length and is both easy to read and exceedingly  interesting as the authors review events of … Read more “The Sign of His Coming”

The Faith of the Poor and Meek

“The poor in spirit the meek they that mourn”: such is the opening description of those whom Jesus says are blessed in his Sermon on the Mount. They appear strange terms, for do they not suggest that the faithful should … Read more “The Faith of the Poor and Meek”

Paul’s Conversion: Its Impact on his Teaching

In this editorial we shall explore how the grace of  God shown to the Apostle Paul at his conversion  transformed his character and was inevitably interwoven in the teaching in his epistles. Saul’s  implacable hatred of Jesus Christ and his … Read more “Paul’s Conversion: Its Impact on his Teaching”