The Righteousness of God and the Love of God

The death of the Lord Jesus Christ challenges the thinking of all when they approach the waters of baptism. Why did God arrange the salvation of man in this way? Was there not another way that would not require the … Read more “The Righteousness of God and the Love of God”

The Power of Positive Thinking?

The power of positive thinking is a phrase popularised by Norman Vincent Peale in his book by the same title, written over fifty years ago. The Power of Positive Thinking was written in 1952 and has now sold over 20 … Read more “The Power of Positive Thinking?”

Isaiah 45

In this article which covers the first eight verses of Isaiah 45, the role that Cyrus would play is foretold. Great profit can be gained by deeply thinking about Yahweh’s power to foretell in detail such great events, and to
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“He Restores My Soul”—Li’s Moving Story

Our Chinese Sister Li of Brisbane, who was baptised a year ago, tells the personal struggles she encountered on her way to finding the Truth.

I studied law for seven years in China and I used to work as an … Read more ““He Restores My Soul”—Li’s Moving Story”

Where is Your Treasure?

Today we saw a copy of the Los Angeles Times of Sunday, December 17. 1905. That paper is almost 64[1] years old. In it were ads for ladies dresses for $2.00 each and men’s suits for $16.00. In the society … Read more “Where is Your Treasure?”

Constantine The Great

The man Constantine was a remarkable individual whose role was outlined for us within the Scriptures. He was one of those historical characters who left an indelible print on world history which will remain until the return of our Lord … Read more “Constantine The Great”

Behold, the Bridegroom Standeth At the Door

In September, the remembrance ceremonies held at the World Trade Centre for those that perished on September 11 five years ago, and also for the two Australian icons that died in accident, bring out some different lessons and important warnings
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Isaiah 58 “Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen?”

Every week we participate in a memorial feast which reminds us about the work of our Lord in achieving victory over sin and in providing a means by which we can be released from the bondage of sin and death. … Read more “Isaiah 58 “Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen?””

Members One of Another

How time flies! The Mount Barker ecclesia will be thirteen years old on 11 March 2007, and it is astonishing to look back over those years and consider how our members and their families have grown, how the ecclesial world … Read more “Members One of Another”

Unity – Its Benefits and Responsibilities

How good and pleasant a thing it is for Brethren and Sisters to dwell together in Unity (Psalm 133:1). It is sung of by David, prayed for by Christ, and expounded on by Paul. And in an era when Christ
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“With One Accord”

The Lord Jesus promised his disciples that where they were gathered together, united in their determination to do what was in accordance with his “name”, they would be heard of his Father in heaven and he would support them by … Read more ““With One Accord””

The Faithfulness of God

So wrote the Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians when their faith was being challenged by adversity. In God’s economy, all manner of trials will beset the way of the disciple in order to test faith and commitment: “If thou faint … Read more “The Faithfulness of God”

Autonomy and Its Limits

The following Editorial by Brother John Carter appeared in “The Christadelphian” (Volume 93), 1956. It deals with the seizure of the Suez Canal by Colonel Nasser and his disregard for international treaties governing its ownership and administration. His actions were
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