Old Testament Prophecies

These words were spoken by the Jews to the blind man who was healed by the Lord as recorded in the gospel of John (9:24). In themselves they were good words for indeed glory is due to God for His … Read more “Old Testament Prophecies”

Christ the Future King of the World

Brother Roberts writes in this lecture: “That Christ is the future king of the world is
one of the most gladsome truths of revelation”. In this lecture he weaves together a
multitude of quotations from both the Old and New
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Russia In Crisis

The Russian economy is in tatters, and were it not for a massive ($37 billion) International Monetary Fund led rescue package in July, things would now be a lot worse in the country. Just prior to the IMF package the … Read more “Russia In Crisis”

The Spirit of Witness

Brother Duncan Heaster is a young brother in his early thirties, and the son of Brother Marcus Heaster. Although
he now lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, his preaching and pastoral work takes him across one quarter of the world’s
land surface.
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Forty Years of Preaching in Africa

With the growing awareness of the spread of the Gospel in Africa and Eastern Europe just begining to dawn on many
of us here in Australia, we have sought the assistance of Brethren Marcus Heaster of the UK and Duncan
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A People Prepared for the Lord

The book, “The Faith in the Last Days” was published by The Christadelphian Publishing Office in 1949 and consists
of a compilation of some of the writings of Brother John Thomas reproduced in recognition of the centenary of his
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The Faith in the Last Days

There is no doubt that we are living in the days spoken of by Paul to Timothy—perilous times—when men are and do all the things described by him as indicative of the “last days”. It is clear that … Read more “The Faith in the Last Days”