Judgment to Come; the Dispensation of Divine Awards to Responsible Classes at the Return of Christ

This important lecture in Christendom Astray gives the clear scriptural teaching regarding both resurrectional responsibility and that great event that lies before us all, to stand before our Lord and account for our service to him in his absence. May 
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A Light to Lighten the Gentiles

In the previous article of this series it was seen that the Call of the Gentiles was taught from the earliest times of
Israel’s history. The serpent lifted up in the wilderness provided deliverance for “anyone”, Israelite or Gentile, who 
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Preaching the Truth in Distant Lampstands

The Australian Christadelphian Bible Mission is very effective in preaching and supporting the work of the Truth
outside of Australia. Many would like to know the role and extent of this work or, when travelling overseas, how
to assist. This
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A Letter from Anathoth

This fourth letter from Anathoth continues our series on the pressures, fears and hopes of an imaginary young brother living in the shadow of AD 70. The strength which our early brethren gained by their hope in the Kingdom gives 
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Europe – “Embracing the Enemy”

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders have traced the borders of “a new Europe by inviting Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary to join the Western Alliance… The United States President, Mr Clinton, prevailed over European allies who wanted a broader … Read more “Europe – “Embracing the Enemy””

Armageddon (2)

In the first article, we examined the invasion prophecies of Joel 3 and Zechariah 12–14 and noted the common threads. In this article, we examine Ezekiel 38–39 and Daniel 11–12, and explore the links between these four passages.

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“Compel Them to Come In… ” – Seminars

Seminars were first used to preach the Truth in Australia by the Blackburn (Vic) Ecclesia under the theme, “Bible Discovery Course”. Initially Cumberland and then all of the Suburban ecclesias have undertaken seminars either in their own halls or at
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A Word in Season – Personal Experiences

In this article the faithful works of brethren are given as examples of how we as individuals, can play a part in
“sowing the seed” that it may bring forth bountifully. If we took the opportunities as they presented themselves
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“We Believe” But Do We Always Speak? – Our Personal Role in Preaching the Truth

“We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak; Knowing that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by
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Be Not Discouraged

We need not be discouraged because of the stolid indifference of the people to the truth. Flesh and blood is naturally swinish and unimpressible by the thoughts of God. The world, which is choked with religion, such as it is, … Read more “Be Not Discouraged”

“I Believed, Therefore Have I Spoken”

“Not one day should pass without our doing something for Christ—for the well-being of the ecclesia, and the enlightenment of the stranger. Christ can be served in many ways, and by the busiest. We can materially forward His work by
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