Isaiah 49

The concluding verses of Isaiah 49 provide us with two dramatic prophetic pictures. In verses 22 and 23  Zion is informed that her children shall be gathered to her with regal attention and respect. The last three  verses speak of
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“By the Righteousness of One”

In the previous article in this series (January/February 2008), the line of thought of “Andrewism” was shown by a number of quotations from JJ Andrew’s writings. These quotations were from his book called “The Blood of the Covenant” and his
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1967–1975: The Gorton, McMahon  and Whitlam years

We are tracing the history of the unlikely relationship that has developed in the providence of God between the Tarshish power Australia and the nation of Israel. In this second part we examine the years from the time of the
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An Amazing Tail!


Whilst bacteria are only microscopic single cell organisms, they are the most numerous and widespread of all  organisms – in fact it is said that there are more bacteria in a handful of soil than the total  number of … Read more “An Amazing Tail!”

Choosing to Love: A Marriage Guide

Marriage is divinely ordained and plays a vital role in the life and health of the ecclesia. Malachi noted that healthy marriages are designed to ensure that a “godly seed” is raised up to the honour of God (Mal 2:14–15). … Read more “Choosing to Love: A Marriage Guide”

Alexander the Great’s Crown Discovered?

Artefacts found in an ancient Greek tomb excavated in 1977 by archaeologists working in the northern Greek village of Vergina may have belonged to Alexander the Great, researchers now believe (‘Alexander the Great’s “Crown”, Shield Discovered?’ Sara Goudarzi for National … Read more “Alexander the Great’s Crown Discovered?”


There is a story about two men riding together, the one a believer in the Bible and the other a traveling salesman whose product was soap. The soap salesman said, “The gospel you preach has not done much good, for … Read more “Soap”

As it Was in the Days of Lot

As it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded (Luke 17:28). We are familiar with this warning from our Lord and readily recognise its general applicability to … Read more “As it Was in the Days of Lot”

Our Vision of the Kingdom

The following word picture of the Kingdom and our activities with fellow saints was given in the context of references to escalating wars and suffering fulfilling Bible prophecy. This exhortation is given as an assurance for us when we wrestle … Read more “Our Vision of the Kingdom”

Godliness and Contentment

Society presents us with enormous temptations to gain material benefits – and wealth puts them all at our feet. It tantalises with the phantom that evils can be removed by a plentiful supply of money.

In every generation there have … Read more “Godliness and Contentment”

Seeing all these Things shall be Dissolved

This article warns of being caught up with the temporal “things” of this life. It warns of a day coming which will catch some unawares. They had a knowledge of Christ’s advent yet allowed the present to obscure the reality
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Beware of Covetousness

The insidious nature of covetousness is well described in this article. It alerts us to the danger and offers some suggestions as to how we, with our families, may head off and overcome the stultifying effects of materialism. This peril
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“Not My Will, but Thine be Done”

The essence of pleasing God is doing His will. The above words, so well known to us, were spoken in Gethsemane just prior to the Lord’s arrest. They express the sentiment that had governed his life until this moment. Now … Read more ““Not My Will, but Thine be Done””

“The Unsearchable Riches of Christ”

This extract is taken from an article written by Brother Robert Roberts, published in “The Christadelphian”, Vol 9 No 2, 1872 and republished in “Seasons of Comfort”. In the article preceding this extract, the writer speaks of the value of
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Sin’s Victory Was Also its Defeat?

The above statement makes us think. How  could this be? Clearly it relates to the work  of our Lord. It reminds us of the Edenic  Promise: ‘I will put enmity between thee and the  woman, and between thy seed and … Read more “Sin’s Victory Was Also its Defeat?”

Are You Ready to Give Account?

It seems that whenever Australian troops might  be involved in international conflict there is  talk in the media about the re-introduction of  conscription. This happened after the September  11 attacks in New York and Washington and the  commitment of Australian … Read more “Are You Ready to Give Account?”