Full of Grace and Truth

The opening chapter of John’s gospel provides a wonderful introduction to the work of redemption in Christ. Beginnings always propose something important. Whether it is the beginning of God’s creative majesty in Genesis 1, or the rearrangement of the calendar … Read more “Full of Grace and Truth”

Psalm 51 – Faith in Forgiveness

In Paul’s epistle to the Romans, he dedicates nearly all of chapter 4 to argue (using the example of Abraham) that we are made righteous through faith, not by works of law or circumcision. However, in a chapter which talks … Read more “Psalm 51 – Faith in Forgiveness”

First John (7) – God Is Love

It will be recalled that at the time of 1 John there had been an ecclesial split over the teaching of the Gnostics. The Gnostics claimed to possess a profound knowledge (Gk: gnosis) of God and to have an … Read more “First John (7) – God Is Love”

The Foundation of the World

From time to time, we come across some scriptural gems—nuggets of gold—which we have not seen before. Recent discussion about sin entering the world brought our thoughts to that amazing phrase, “the foundation of the world”. It is a New … Read more “The Foundation of the World”

Nehemiah – The Courageous Cupbearer (2)

Viewed from afar, it might seem that the wall was built without a lot of interruption. Such a view would be completely wrong! Any building site, ancient or modern, faces challenges of one type or another. This one had them … Read more “Nehemiah – The Courageous Cupbearer (2)”

Praise (4)

Do you know there are seven new songs in the Old Testament Scriptures? I want to briefly take you over six of those songs. What, then, are we going to sing in the age to come? We are going to … Read more “Praise (4)”

Commitment Without Involvement is Dead

Without involvement, there is no commitment. Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, underline it. “No involvement, no commitment”—Stephen Covey.

Just how involved are we in the Lord’s work? Remember that at the age of twelve the Lord Jesus asked … Read more “Commitment Without Involvement is Dead”

How Israel Used Innovation to Overcome its Water Crisis

More than half desert, frequently hit with drought and subject to chronic water shortages in the past, Israel now produces 20 percent more water than it needs. But, in 2015, the gap between demand and available natural water supplies had … Read more “How Israel Used Innovation to Overcome its Water Crisis”


In our postmodern times, most people regard prophecy with a great deal of scepticism. This was not the case in the ancient Greek world. People frequently consulted an oracle to know what to do in the future. Herodotus, in the … Read more “Delphi”

Seek Ye First (18)

Thinking too highly of ourselves

There is a great danger in thinking too highly of ourselves. Faithful men in the Bible fell into this trap during times of stress. Moses and Aaron had been instruments in God’s hands, fulfilling His Read more “Seek Ye First (18)”

Male and Female Made He Them (1)

The brotherhood is currently seeing a resurgence of the pressure for sisters to adopt speaking and leading roles in ecclesial life. This challenges the way that Christadelphians have followed the clearly stated New Testament practices for over 150 years.

As … Read more “Male and Female Made He Them (1)”

Eight Fascinating Facts Surrounding Israel’s Founding

Israel celebrated 74 years of independence on 5 May this year. The passage of time and the solemn black-and-white photos of the period lend a feeling that the historic events and the nascent country’s first footsteps were orderly, well thought-out … Read more “Eight Fascinating Facts Surrounding Israel’s Founding”


These extracts are taken from Dr Jonathan Sarfati’s book: By Design – Evidence of Nature’s Intelligent Designer – the God of the Bible.


Antonia Kesel at the Institute for Technical Zoology and Bionics in Bremen, and colleagues at the … Read more “Stickiness”

Jezreel Valley

The Jezreel Valley is a large valley in northern Israel which divides the hilly areas of Galilee and the open hills of Samaria in the centre of the land. It is sometimes called the Plain of Esdraelon, which is the … Read more “Jezreel Valley”