“What are These Wounds in Thine Hands?”

One of the greatest dramas the world will ever see will be the conversion of Israel when our Lord returns: “There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is my covenant … Read more ““What are These Wounds in Thine Hands?””

Letters to the Editor – Vol. 21.4

Dear Bro Jim,
Loving greetings in the One Hope of Israel. Thank you for the various articles which have been published in the Lampstand, which invariably are timely and invigorating.

I read with interest Brother Rob Thiele’s article on ‘Things

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Leprosy and Sin

In the March 1960 CHRISTADELPHIAN a study of Leprosy from the medical point of view was contributed by Brother WC Fowler. The subject was considered from the physical and public health aspects, and did not touch on the spiritual and … Read more “Leprosy and Sin”

Grow in Grace: 2 Peter 1

It was most likely 64-67 AD and toward the end of his life when the Apostle Peter sat down and penned the letter we know as Peter’s 2nd epistle. The experienced apostle wrote to those “that have obtained like … Read more “Grow in Grace: 2 Peter 1”

Which Bible Should You Use? (4)

Some of the Important Differences

The previous article discussed the basis of the differences between the Greek text behind the King James Version and those underlying some of the more contemporary English (and for that matter foreign language) versions. Some

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An Amazing Example of Fatherly Love (4)

The journey continues

Having experienced the shocking physical violence of the mob at Lystra, Barnabas would have tended to Paul’s wounds and bruises and comforted him with words of consola­tion and support as together they faced this fright­ening level of … Read more “An Amazing Example of Fatherly Love (4)”

Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle

How can Israel – with only 7.1 million people, no natural resources, enemies on every border and in a constant state of war – produce more start-up companies than Japan, India, Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom? Drawing on examples … Read more “Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle”

Pulling and Letting Go

Have you observed when an archer shoots an arrow, he succeeds partly by pulling, partly by letting go? Both parts are necessary and it takes wisdom to know when to pull and when to let go. We can lift this … Read more “Pulling and Letting Go”

Inscription Dedicated to the Roman Emperor Hadrian Found in Jerusalem (1)

One of the most important Latin inscriptions discovered so far in Jerusalem has been uncovered north of the Damascus Gate. Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists, Dr Rina Avner and Roie Greenwald, found the inscription, dedicated to the Roman Emperor Hadrian, on

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Moses – Salvation through Christ

Through faith he kept the Passover

When we read the record in Hebrews 11 carefully, we find some enlightening information about Moses. The choice of pronouns in verses 28 and 29 is quite telling. The Passover was kept in faith … Read more “Moses – Salvation through Christ”

The Number of Israelites who left Egypt – Revisited

In a previous article (Lampstand Vol 20 p352-3), we wrote upon this subject and concluded that, though there might be some difficulties in accepting the apparently very large numbers (perhaps around two million) who left Egypt, yet on the
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Foundations challenged

The foundations of the modern Middle East were laid in the aftermath of the First World War. This conflict set in motion the final acts of the long, slow drying up the “great river Euphrates” (Rev 16:12). While the well-known … Read more “Foundations challenged”

Work While It is Day

While the sun is shining
Brightly in the sky,
Ere his rays declining
Tell that night is nigh;
Ere the shadows falling
Lengthen on our way,
Hark! a voice is calling,
“Work while it is day.”

Work for God in

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DNA – The Code of Life

One huge problem with evolutionary theory is how big changes could take place at all. For all living creatures, the link between one generation and the next is DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), the amazing code struc­ture that describes every feature of … Read more “DNA – The Code of Life”