Jacob and Deborah, Rebekah’s Nurse

I have recently been greatly encouraged, whilst reading Principles and Proverbs by Brother Islip  Collyer, and in particular by the chapter titled  ‘Blessing,’ and I quote a paragraph that I felt we  could all benefit and be encouraged by.

“The … Read more “Jacob and Deborah, Rebekah’s Nurse”

Commencing Spiritual Growth

Having recently become a new parent, I  learnt that within a day or two after the birth that it is quite normal for a baby to lose up to ten per cent of its birth weight. The midwife emphasised the … Read more “Commencing Spiritual Growth”

Israel – Your ‘Friends’ Will Let You Down!

Last year we looked at the situation in Israel with her growing wealth potential from the incredible gas finds off her shores and oil shale on land. Gas from Tamar, the first of the new gas fields, started to flow … Read more “Israel – Your ‘Friends’ Will Let You Down!”

The Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies

Lies have been used against the Jews, by their enemies, since the time of Haman. Perhaps one of the best known lies is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion published in Russia in 1905. The publication purported to be … Read more “The Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies”

Does Philippians 2:5-11 Prove the Doctrine of the Trinity?

Philippians 2:5–11 is taken by Trinitarians as a key proof that Christ was God and that he preexisted before his birth of Mary. How do we answer this assertion and what do these verses really teach?

The Trinitarian teaching on … Read more “Does Philippians 2:5-11 Prove the Doctrine of the Trinity?”

When All Else Fails

IF you are like me, you have a go at making your new gadget or computer programme work without reading the directions. The computer  programme has a plaintive, ‘Read me’, section and even a ‘Help’ key to succour the desperate: … Read more “When All Else Fails”

“War with the Saints”

“with all power and signs and lying wonders” 2 Thessalonians 2:9

The phrase is only used twice in the Scriptures  and on both occasions it is in reference to  Daniel’s fourth beast, the Roman Empire.  The first occasion states in … Read more ““War with the Saints””

Love Never Grows Old

This month, January 2008, marks the 51st year  of the series of little articles that have come to  be known as Minute Meditations. The first one  appeared in the January 1958 edition of this magazine  when we first became the … Read more “Love Never Grows Old”

Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians Part I

This article is the first in a series by Brother Michael Edgecombe which will explore the background and the serious  issues that the Apostle Paul had to answer that had arisen among the ecclesias in Galatia, recently established  by him
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Noah – Who Saved His House

After a full year in the ark, Noah and his  family stepped out into a new world. It was  a new beginning. All flesh had died, all “in  whose nostrils was the breath of life” (Gen 7:21–22;  2:7). But now … Read more “Noah – Who Saved His House”

The Sayings on the Cross

Jesus never attempted to answer the taunts and  insults that flowed to him on the cross. He did,  however, speak words that revealed his thoughts.  They tell us of his love and care for others in  the midst of his … Read more “The Sayings on the Cross”

Rahab The Faithful (1)

Rahab the Faithful? Surely it sounds rather  too stretched to describe her in this way?  Perhaps she is a woman we tend to shun because of the unsavoury title that Scripture ascribes  to her. Her first mention in the record … Read more “Rahab The Faithful (1)”

The Blessings of Humility

Scripture is significant in its silences no less  than in the information conveyed. The common  run of biographers would have given  us a mass of detail about the early years of Christ;  the four evangelists are strikingly reticent. We are  … Read more “The Blessings of Humility”

Schoolboy Scientist

When the Apostle Paul wrote to Christian believers in Rome, the most important city in the world in his day, he confirmed  that the earth’s inhabitants have no excuse if they try to deny God’s existence: “What can be known
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How Jewish Musicians Escaped Nazi Europe by Joining an Orchestra in Palestine

Over a decade before the State of Israel  was established, the Palestine Symphony  Orchestra gave its inaugural concert in Tel  Aviv on 26 December, 1936. With the Orchestra’s  first note a new era opened for the Jewish people,  and marked … Read more “How Jewish Musicians Escaped Nazi Europe by Joining an Orchestra in Palestine”