“I Have Set Thee a Watchman”

In a previous issue of The Lampstand (Volume 7 No 6) we published a feature on Shepherds and Sheep. In this issue we consider a complementary theme under the title The Rôle of a Watchman. Both of these Read more ““I Have Set Thee a Watchman””

Forgiveness and The Gospel

Nothing is more definitely set forth in the gospel than the fact that its very heart is the work of Christ. Do we think of the gospel as the covenant with Abraham concerning everlasting inheritance of the land promised? Then … Read more “Forgiveness and The Gospel”

Blessed is that Servant

Matthew 24:42, 45, 46

We cannot be exactly sure when our Lord will return. We know from the signs that it will be soon. We do know that before his appearing there will be a time of trouble such as … Read more “Blessed is that Servant”

“Watch Ye Therefore, and Pray Always, that Ye may be Accounted Worthy”

Luke 21:36


Academically we know that the day of our judgment is fast approaching. Intellectually we understand that Israel’s present day push for security tells us that Christ is at the door. We see the nations of Europe being … Read more ““Watch Ye Therefore, and Pray Always, that Ye may be Accounted Worthy””

What, Could ye not Watch with me One Hour?

Matthew 26:40

As Jesus’ public ministry concluded, he turned his attention to the needs of his disciples in the Olivet prophecy and the series of parables and exhortations recorded in Matthew 24 and 25. The repetition of the words “watch” … Read more “What, Could ye not Watch with me One Hour?”

Bible Marking

The Watchman and His Duties

Hebrew tsaphah = “to lean forward, to peer”. A watchman stands on a vantage point (Hab 2:1–3) and carefully observes the horizon for signs of danger or good news. Immediately they appear he warns those … Read more “Bible Marking”

Isaiah’s Visions of Salvation and Judgment (3)

“No Way Out”

We shall consider this remarkable prophecy, consistent as it is with all that the prophets have spoken, verse by verse and phrase by phrase.

24:16–23 Worldwide Chaos and Judgment Gives Place to the Manifestation of Christ and Read more “Isaiah’s Visions of Salvation and Judgment (3)”

Israel and the Eastern Tarshish

For many years in public lectures brethren have quoted this prescient passage from Elpis Israel: “There is, then, a partial and primary restoration of Jews before the manifestation [of Messiah], which is to serve as the nucleus, or basis, … Read more “Israel and the Eastern Tarshish”