Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend

We live in a world where friendship is often defined by our friends and followers on social networking sites. We often interact with others by posting holiday snaps and updates about our children’s accomplishments as well as sharing recipes and … Read more “Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend”

Redeeming the Time (2)

During our lifetimes, the opportunities we are presented with are limited by time. And it is our response to the circumstances of life that can result in poor time management. Take, for instance, the lessons of Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Between … Read more “Redeeming the Time (2)”

First John (6) – Cain and Christ

In First John, the Apostle John wrote to counter the wrong doctrine and wrong practice of the Gnostics. The Gnostics claimed a special experiential knowledge (Gk gnosis) of God, yet sadly their lives were more about experiencing sin, as … Read more “First John (6) – Cain and Christ”

Nehemiah – A Ready Scribe (1)

  Darius’ reign   Age
539BC   Decree of Cyrus

First return under Zerubbabel

533BC?   Death of Daniel  
530BC?   Born? 0
522BC 1 Darius the Great becomes king 8
516BC 7 Temple completed

Esther marries the king

Ezra travels to Jerusalem

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A Few Thoughts on Jeremiah (2)

We saw in our first article the importance of the marriage contract theme throughout the book of Jeremiah. To appreciate the prophecy of Jeremiah we need to have this picture firmly imprinted on our minds. It is the story that … Read more “A Few Thoughts on Jeremiah (2)”

Praise (3)

Then there was another word used for the word “praises”. This word means ‘to address in a loud voice’. It means to shout praise and it is interesting to see how this word is used, for example, in the 145… Read more “Praise (3)”


There is a story about two men riding together, the one a believer in the Bible and the other a travelling salesman whose product was soap. The soap salesman said, “The gospel you preach has not done much good, for … Read more “Soap”

One Hundred Years Ago: 1922, Britain and the Palestine Mandate

This year marks the centenary of the decision by the League of Nations to entrust Great Britain with the Mandate for Palestine. Following World War I and the partition of the Turkish Empire, the League of Nations set up the … Read more “One Hundred Years Ago: 1922, Britain and the Palestine Mandate”

Seek Ye First (17) – The Lord is my Helper

Paul’s admonition in Hebrews is clear:

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, … Read more “Seek Ye First (17) – The Lord is my Helper”

Russia and Ukraine


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has not gone well for Russia. The Financial Times, under the heading, “How Russia’s mistakes and Ukrainian resistance altered Putin’s war,” stated this:

“The snarled up 65km Russian convoy that was stuck … Read more “Russia and Ukraine”

Ukraine, Putin’s War and the Jews

It was startling to hear Russian President Putin use the term “de-Nazification”1 in his address outlining his purpose in the invasion of Ukraine. Under the pretext of “de-Nazification”, Putin accuses the Ukrainians of being Nazis and drug addicts, claiming … Read more “Ukraine, Putin’s War and the Jews”

How the Gospel of the Kingdom Came to the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory


Darwin is a tropical city on the north coast of Australia. In 1940, the town had a population of about 2,000. Some 10,000 troops were sent to Darwin during World War II. The town was bombed about 100 times … Read more “How the Gospel of the Kingdom Came to the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory”


The letter to Philemon is often considered to be a textbook example outlining the forgiveness that each of us needs to be prepared to show to those who have wronged us, as well as a studied template for persuasive writing … Read more “Philemon”

Mint and Rue

These two herbs were mentioned together in Luke 11:42—“But woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass over judgment and the love of God: these ought ye to have done, and … Read more “Mint and Rue”