The Sacrificing and Eating of Animals

“I love animals and I hate to see them suffer or be killed, so I am a vegetarian. I really struggle with the requirement for the shedding of blood and all those sacrifices of animals under the Law of Moses.”
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Paul’s Conviction Restores Peter’s Wavering Convictions

As you would remember, Paul has been laying out the case for his apostleship and his gospel. As he demonstrated in the first chapter of Galatians, his apostleship was not a human appointment, and his gospel did not come from … Read more “Paul’s Conviction Restores Peter’s Wavering Convictions”


An illness of the brain

Having seen in the previous article that Depression is a biological illness of the brain, the key to dealing effectively with it, either as a sufferer, or as a carer of a loved one suffering … Read more “Depression”

The Miracle of Modern Israel

In this consideration we will look at events of more recent origin relating to the circumstances leading to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

In the late 19th century, Palestine was under the control of the Ottoman … Read more “The Miracle of Modern Israel”

Witness of the Trees

THERE are few more pleasant places than woodland in the spring. The fresh green fingers of new leaves, the sweet creamy smell of blossom, and the birds unleashed from the silence of winter make us feel glad to be alive. … Read more “Witness of the Trees”

The Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies

We continue in this issue to examine the lies collated by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre that are commonly presented by Israel’s opponents in the Israel-Palestine dispute.

Lie # 5

Israel is an Apartheid State deserving of international Boycott, Divestment and … Read more “The Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies”

The Olympic Peace Shattered

Despite the national and personal aggrandizement that came from hosting the Russian Winter Olympics, the Ukrainian crisis of late February has revealed the long suspected extent of Russia’s intrigue in the a_ airs of a nation that was, until the
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Richard Wagner, Hitler and Anti-Semitism

Once every several years, there is debate in Israel over whether or not Richard Wagner’s music should be performed publicly. Except for an encore conducted by Daniel Barenboim in 2001, following a forty-minute discussion with the audience, any request to … Read more “Richard Wagner, Hitler and Anti-Semitism”

“Be Ye Angry and Sin Not”

It has been said “never argue with a fool, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”. Comparable advice can be found in the book of Proverbs, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, … Read more ““Be Ye Angry and Sin Not””

Isaiah 66:10–24 “Rejoice ye with Jerusalem”

In this study, which concludes the vision of Isaiah (1:1), all themes and prophecies reach their climax. There is the call for saints to partake of and rejoice in the consolations of their spiritual mother, Jerusalem (v10–14); this is set … Read more “Isaiah 66:10–24 “Rejoice ye with Jerusalem””

Elisha the Man of God

His mission

Elisha’s work was enormously influential. His ministry spans ten chapters of Scripture, is referred to by Christ and is typical of Christ’s work. He transformed the nation of Israel in a time of dark apostasy, overthrew a godless … Read more “Elisha the Man of God”

The First Man

The following article was published in The Christadelphian in 1888 when Brother Robert Roberts was editor. Even though published over 120 years ago it is relevant as it combats some of the views put forward by theistic evolutionists today. The
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What Kind of Person are You?

 “To the poor the gospel is preached”

When John the Baptist received reports of the miracles Jesus was performing, he sent to Jesus from prison two of his disciples with the question, “Art thou he that should come? or look … Read more “What Kind of Person are You?”

What Kind of Person are You?

When John the Baptist received reports of the miracles Jesus was performing, he sent to Jesus from prison two of his disciples with the question, “Art thou he that should come? or look we for another?” Our Lord answered indirectly: … Read more “What Kind of Person are You?”

The Wedding Invitation

Royal weddings are special events. They provide a spectacle not to be missed. The bride’s dress is first a subject for speculation and then a cause of wonder and admiration as she steps from her coach into the sunlight. The … Read more “The Wedding Invitation”

The Ecclesial Family Tree In South Australia (1880 – 1950)

This is a unique book. Firstly, the subject, as far as I am aware, has never been written about before. Secondly it has been a lengthy labour of love by Brother Reuben Thomas and will probably be his only book.… Read more “The Ecclesial Family Tree In South Australia (1880 – 1950)”