Seek Meekness

Zephaniah was a prophet raised up by God to warn Judah of coming judgement. He prophesied in the reign of Josiah and his words are a startling reminder about the dangers faced by those living at the end of an … Read more “Seek Meekness”

Letters to the Editor – Vol. 23.2

Greetings in the Hope of Israel
I read with great interest the article in the Youth section of the November-December issue of The Lampstand entitled ‘Conscientious Objection – The Need For Consistency’.

I was impressed with the spiritual tone of

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Confession and Abjuration

John Thomas was born in England in 1805, a time when England was at war with Napoleon and the whole of Europe was dominated by conflict and uncertainty. The whole of society was in a state of upheaval and it … Read more “Confession and Abjuration”

As a Tale that is Told – Psalm 90

During the early years of Moses’ life he lived what we might call a ‘charmed life.’ As a member of the Egyptian royal family he possessed extraordinary wealth, power, fame and success. Yet in due time he decided to leave … Read more “As a Tale that is Told – Psalm 90”

The Lord has Come at Last!

The day began as usual – nothing out of the ordinary. Our morning prayer was made in the normal manner with thanks for the night’s rest and for the speedy return of our Lord from heaven. The world was in … Read more “The Lord has Come at Last!”

Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians Part XVII

Paul continues his exhortation to sow to the Spirit, and then returns to ring the final changes in his battle with the Judaists.

IV. Sow to the Spirit — Do Good to All Men (6:9-10)

7. Be not deceived; God

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What Think Ye Of Christ? (Part 3)

Jesus as the Son of God

When we reflect upon the title, the Son of God, it is important that we do not interpret it with the reasoning of Greek metaphysics or other foreign concept in mind, but rather seek … Read more “What Think Ye Of Christ? (Part 3)”

Bible Quiz – Shepherds

Shepherds feature prominently in Scripture both in literal and figurative context. Some of Scriptures’ most prominent characters served time as shepherds, including Moses and David. There are many lessons we can learn from the relationship between shepherds and their sheep. … Read more “Bible Quiz – Shepherds”

Nine Billion Cells

There is a story that Albert Einstein was once asked by some scientists if they could analyse his brain after his death. They wondered what the brain of a genius would be like. Einstein agreed but he did so only … Read more “Nine Billion Cells”

Mark Twain and Theodor Herzl

The American author, Mark Twain, and Theodor Herzl, the Zionist leader, may seem unlikely associates. In fact, they not only knew of each other but became good friends. Both were journalists, having met in Paris in 1894,1 the year … Read more “Mark Twain and Theodor Herzl”

Togrul Beg

Today, behind a plain brick wall on the out­skirts of Tehran stands a 20 metre tall 12th Century tower commemorating Togrul Beg, the founder, in 1037, of the Seljuk Empire. This intriguing polygonal structure, with its 48 exterior faces … Read more “Togrul Beg”

Death – The Last Enemy (Part 1)

From a Scriptural perspective the death affecting mankind is an enemy; something that needs to be defeated and removed. This is plain from the apostle Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians 15 where we are told that “the last enemy that … Read more “Death – The Last Enemy (Part 1)”

Victorious Prayer

We live in a world full of covetousness, crime, and corruption – a world full of sin and ungodliness as prophesied in 2 Timothy 3. Mankind has never been worse off and sadly these negative circumstances that surround us make … Read more “Victorious Prayer”

Loving Good in an Evil World

Society is in an ever-degrading cycle of moral standards, violence, and, to put it very simply, evil. Take the example of homosexuality: there was a time when a person who was found guilty of such acts would be imprisoned. Today, … Read more “Loving Good in an Evil World”

Esau’s Wives

The Genesis account of Esau’s wives seems to give two lists that differ.

List One

Gen 26:34 And Esau was forty years old when he took to wife Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath the daughter of Read more “Esau’s Wives”

Russia Consolidates Military Might In Syria (Part 2)

The Year that Changed Everything

The year of 2016 was one of shocks, and one of political revolution. After Donald Trump’s win in the US Presidential election, many front page headlines emphasised that this is a ‘Revolution’. Prominent Brexit front … Read more “Russia Consolidates Military Might In Syria (Part 2)”

Inside the Gilded Cage

Isaiah 11:11 states: “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt,

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The Saharan Silver Ant

The Saharan silver ant is a unique creature that is able to survive the scorching midday heat in the Saharan and Sinai deserts. It emerges at the same time each day for just a few minutes, when no other desert … Read more “The Saharan Silver Ant”