The Amazing Living Cell: A Model for Christ’s Ecclesia

In Matthew 6, Jesus directs our attention to the glory and beauty of his Father’s creation: “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow… even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Wherefore, if … Read more “The Amazing Living Cell: A Model for Christ’s Ecclesia”

“A light to lighten the Gentiles”

This chapter contains one of the most exciting and instructive messages in the Bible, especially for Gentiles. It is the plainest statement in the Old Testament that all nations will be embraced in the salvation that results from the work
Read more ““A light to lighten the Gentiles””

Technology, Communication and the Ecclesia

Every generation features new challenges. Our generation is full of change and throws many challenges to us all. For the people of God the question becomes, “How does this or that innovation affect our life before God?”. Without doubt the … Read more “Technology, Communication and the Ecclesia”

Latter Day Anti-semitism

We are not surprised by reports of anti- Semitism in places such as Europe or the Middle East. In Europe the rising trend of anti-Semitic behaviour and violence can in part be accounted for by growing Muslim populations in many … Read more “Latter Day Anti-semitism”

Turkey to Return Siloam Inscription to Israel

The inscription from the tunnel king Hezekiah dug to secure the water supply of Jerusalem during the siege of the Assyrians is to be loaned to Israel by the Turkish government (“Hezekiah Inscription to return to Israel”, Jay Bushinsky, Washington … Read more “Turkey to Return Siloam Inscription to Israel”


Daniel Webster, when asked what was the greatest thought that had ever entered his mind,  replied: “My accountability to Almighty God”.

This thought evidently hasn’t occurred to many people, at least it wouldn’t appear to be  so from the way … Read more “Accountability”

Three Psalms of Warning, Vision and Encouragement

The daily readings for 6 January bring together the beautiful sequence of Psalms 14, 15 and 16. This series of David’s psalms, though each is complete in itself, has an instructive flow of thought. In Psalm 14 we have set … Read more “Three Psalms of Warning, Vision and Encouragement”


The Association of Christadelphian Ecclesias (AACE) was formed to provide a focus for discussion and cooperation relating to the organisational, spiritual and pastoral needs of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias in areas of mutual benefit without compromise to ecclesial autonomy. One of … Read more “ASSOCIATION of AUSTRALIAN CHRISTADELPHIAN ECCLESIAS Inc”

Unity Book

In less than a hundred pages this Unity Book, as we all call it, has summarised the steps and the matters involved of the Australian Re-union of 1958. When the process was complete the Unity Committee sought to perpetuate the … Read more “Unity Book”

The Blessings and Fruits of Unity and Ecclesial Peace

When upon an ecclesial visit some months ago, my sister wife and I were taken to the Bible Class by two elderly sisters who apparently always go together on Wednesday nights. But this was a huge city and the suburban … Read more “The Blessings and Fruits of Unity and Ecclesial Peace”

A Notable Exposition

Full audiences of brethren and sisters, whose hearts and minds were bent toward the achievement of unity, were deeply appreciative of an address entitled “The Atonement”, given by Brother Carter in several states. Reproduced here is the address, which, while
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Continuing Difficulties – the Old Paths Fellowship

During the discussions revolving around reunion, Brother Carter found that a group of brethren who later joined the Old Paths fellowship were expressing doctrines in language reminiscent of that propounded by the late JJ Andrew. In his second report on … Read more “Continuing Difficulties – the Old Paths Fellowship”

The Unity Book – Fellowship Clauses

The preamble to the Basis of Fellowship set out on pages 13–15 of the Unity Book includes the following : “… a clear basis for ecclesial unity has now been formulated… The basis arrived at and which is offered as … Read more “The Unity Book – Fellowship Clauses”

Doctrinal Extremes – ‘Clean Flesh’ and ‘Andrewism’

Brother Edward Turney in 1873 and Brother JJ Andrew in 1893/4 introduced two contrasting doctrinal errors into the brotherhood. Both had previously been faithful allies of Brother Roberts in the work of the Truth, especially Brother JJ Andrew, which made … Read more “Doctrinal Extremes – ‘Clean Flesh’ and ‘Andrewism’”

What Brother Carter Found in Australia

By the time Brother Carter reached the shores of Australia, significant progress had already been made by the Unity Committee (NSW) and by the Victorian ecclesias in their own earlier reunion.

The British perception was that the fellowship situation in … Read more “What Brother Carter Found in Australia”

Brother John Carter – A Man for That Time

Fifty years is a long time, yet the writer can still remember seeing this visitor from England and still remember his voice as he concluded a most memorable talk on the atonement and especially his concluding words, “Brothers and sisters, … Read more “Brother John Carter – A Man for That Time”

Significance and Meaning of the Cooper-Carter Addendum

Being a contemporary with the achievement of unity in Australia, one can testify to the sense of relief and joy that swept through our Australian community in the year 1958. Never has it been more necessary to remind those, born … Read more “Significance and Meaning of the Cooper-Carter Addendum”

Brother Carter’s Addresses

Have you read this part of the Unity Book lately? Have you read it often? More than one third of our Unity Book is devoted to Brother Carter’s addresses, “The Atonement” and “Isaiah 53”, the first delivered in Melbourne and … Read more “Brother Carter’s Addresses”

Events Leading up to the Visit of Brother John Carter

No worthwhile enterprise will succeed unless the conditions under which it is developed are appropriate. One of the most important factors in establishing unity amongst brethren is the fostering and development of mutual trust and goodwill. Without this the best … Read more “Events Leading up to the Visit of Brother John Carter”

Attempts at Reunion in Australia – The Victorian and New South Wales Committees

Bridging divisions within North America and also within Australia was helped by production of “A Time to Heal”[1] and other articles[2],[3] that expounded scriptural teaching on the disputed matters[4],[5]. American difficulties were similar in nature and language to the Australian … Read more “Attempts at Reunion in Australia – The Victorian and New South Wales Committees”

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