Isaiah 43:14–28

43:14–17 Redemption from Babylon: a New Exodus

In this section the Exodus theme continues. The fall of Babylon is announced and promised. This is the first time Babylon is mentioned since 39:3–6 where the impending captivity in that land is … Read more “Isaiah 43:14–28”

Genesis – the Book of Beginnings

As a new year commences, we turn once again in our daily reading of the Word to the “book of beginnings”—Genesis. Reviewing the staggering events of fulfilling prophecy during the past twelve months, it is a wonder that we could … Read more “Genesis – the Book of Beginnings”

An Earth Corrupt Before God

It has certainly been a significant year. The Jewish ‘exodus’ from Gaza and Israel’s subsequent political upheaval have gained significant press. We have witnessed widespread riots over a number of weeks in France, with thousands of cars and buildings destroyed … Read more “An Earth Corrupt Before God”

“Companions in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ”

Tribulation. It’s a strange word. It’s an uncomfortable word. It’s a word that spells trouble—severe affliction, suffering, distress, oppression. It’s not the kind of thing we welcome. It’s the kind of thing we actively avoid. We do everything we possibly … Read more ““Companions in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ””

Turning Away Ungodliness from Jacob

As we are all daily disturbed with the continual flow of news of ‘natural’ disasters, the tragedy of terrorism, the effects of plagues both real and threatened such as the ‘Asian Bird Flu’, the immorality and violence in our own … Read more “Turning Away Ungodliness from Jacob”

The Time of Trouble

It is clear from Scripture in both Old and New Testaments that the return of the Lord Jesus Christ will be both preceded and accompanied by tremendous times of trouble for the world. Before his advent these troubles will serve
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“Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee”

Such will be the astonishing declaration when Yahweh installs His glorified Son atop the “holy hill of Zion” (Psa 2:6). None will be able to doubt the origins of the new King, now triumphant over all flesh, for truly this … Read more ““Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee””

Man in the Image and Likeness of the Elohim

The book entitled The Faith in the Last Days, was produced by The Christadelphian in 1948 to commemorate the centenary of the writing of Elpis Israel. It consists of a compilation of valuable articles written by Bro John Thomas and
Read more “Man in the Image and Likeness of the Elohim”

Faith Which Works by Love

“The Bible is the enlightener. If men would not be carried about by every wind that blows, let them study this. It will unfold to them the future, and make them wiser than the world. The coming years will not
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“Cyrus, He is My Shepherd”

It has been said: “Cyrus may justly be considered as the wisest conqueror, and the most accomplished  prince mentioned in profane history.”

Cyrus II The Great was the fourth ruler of the Achaemenian Dynasty to rule Persia. This dynasty  is … Read more ““Cyrus, He is My Shepherd””