Helps with the Daily Readings in January and February

Several Christadelphian books can help us in our daily Bible readings during January and February. The following are some suggestions which are available from the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service (


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Two Marys—The Lord’s Mother and Mary Magdalene

Mary, the Lord’s mother, was the “virtuous woman” if anyone was—her price was “far above rubies”, for she was to be the mother of the Son of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who said through His servant Nathan … Read more “Two Marys—The Lord’s Mother and Mary Magdalene”

One Thing is Needful

Knowing the Hour

The signs of the times are telling us plainly that the return of the Lord is close at hand and our traditional understanding of the prophetic word has been correct. In the interval between now and his

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Enduring Unto The End – Matthew 24

There is a noticeable sense of urgency about  the New Testament. Most of the NT was  written with the storm clouds of AD 70  looming up. The Jewish state was about to go, the  Mosaic order was being wrapped up.… Read more “Enduring Unto The End – Matthew 24”