• Job – The Beloved Servant of Yahweh (2)

    Job – The Beloved Servant of Yahweh (2)

    Throughout the debate phase of the book, Job achieves victory over the friends and develops in faith, but a problem is also highlighted. Initially, Job had believed, like his friends, in exact retribution (4:3-4; 31:23) […]

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  • Ecclesiastes and Other Studies

    Ecclesiastes and Other Studies

    It is “a pity that so few biblical scholars have been poets” laments Brother LG Sargent in Ecclesiastes and Other Studies. Brother Sargent was a highly competent poet, as can be appreciated in the soaring […]

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  • Job


    “Hast thou considered my servant Job…” For a man famous for his patience, it was far from  his defining characteristic. In fact Job could be quite impatient. Rather, there were two other qualities he  possessed […]

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