As is so often the case, our recent visit to the Solomon Islands was of mutual benefit. We were able to encourage the ecclesia by way of exhortations, Bible classes, sisters’ classes and Sunday School activities but we came away deeply impressed by the several instances of ‘stickability’ to the Truth, personal faith, commitment to the meetings and a resurgence of spirit. Truly our God had brought them through some hard times. We felt so privileged to be there and to witness the joy and hope of re-dedication. Their resolution is to “give their all to God’s service, redeeming the time.”

But it was a letter from a young brother studying in isolation at Lae, PNG, writing to his beloved brethren and sisters home in the Solomons, that gave us the most memorable moment – one which we would like to share with you. His circumstances were grim. He had suffered all the heartaches of isolation but in addition he was facing the unknown of medical tests for a suspected brain tumour (which, we are glad to say subsequently showed up a far less serious and treatable condition). He wrote words that express so poignantly a deep and sincere love of the brethren. We received it by email during our visit and were more than happy to incorporate his letter in full into our exhortation in Honiara. There wasn’t a dry eye amongst us when we closed! The following is the exhortation in full, without any editing and is printed here for our encouragement. It may be wanting in some expressions but it more than makes up for that in its gentle, sincere, loving message to his ecclesia. As such it can reach into our hearts and move us to hold fast to the Faith in the midst of our trials, for surely our redemption and glad relief is at hand!